Grape Bella by Watson Extra White Body serum – Review

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Today my review is going to be on a body serum by Watson. Watson has the largest beauty and health care range in Asia. It is a Hong-Kong based company and has got a wide variety of products. It is not much famous in India. Because the company declared that the government should allow them 51% of FDI retail which means that the company will have its own retail shops in India. But foreign direct investment in pure retailing has not been started in India. Anyways, continue reading to know more about the product.

White Grape Chardonnay Grape Bella by Watson Extra White Body serum

Price of White Grape Chardonnay Grape Bella by Watson Extra White Body serum:

I got this body serum when I went to Phuket. The currency that I used was the Thai Baht. I do not exactly remember how much I paid. It was around 150-170 Bahts which is equivalent to less than 350-400 INR. It has 200 ml of product.


Watson products are available on Not all products are available. But if you are planning to go for a holiday etc then it is always good to try skincare products from different countries, because their formulation, ingredients, etc is totally different which might give surprising results on your skin.

Packaging of Grape Bellaby Watson:

It comes in a copper color plastic tube packaging with a flip cover. All the brand claims, ingredient list, etc is mentioned on the rear side.

Ingredients of Grape Bella by Watson:

The base of the serum is mainly water. It contains glycerin as well. The rest is mostly chemical names. There is also Lactobacillus/Grape Juice Ferment Filtrate which is used for skin conditioning. There is also grape seed extract (anti-oxidant) and grape seed oil (emollient).

On the front sticker, it is also mentioned Fermented grape is a powerful natural AHA whitening agent.

White Grape Chardonnay Grape Bella by Watson Extra White Body serum ingredients

Product claims:

It is enriched with fermented Chardonnay (white grape) and Niacinamide which provides skin lightening and brightening effect. Combined with OPC grape seed extract and resveratrol from trio grapes: dark, red and green grapes in which the amount of resveratrol is equivalent to 55 glasses of red wine which has 100 times the antioxidant power. Resveratrol helps in facilitating skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, and skin lightening. It helps to nourish your skin to be soft and smooth

White Grape Chardonnay Grape Bella by Watson Extra White Body serum claims

Product texture and consistency:

It has a watery kind of consistency. It is easily absorbed by the skin and has a very mild fragrance.

White Grape Chardonnay Grape Bella by Watson Extra White Body serum

What is my opinion about White Grape Chardonnay Grape Bella by Watson Extra White Body serum?

Whenever I see a store mentioned health and beauty, I have to visit it. I just get crazy, even if I don’t buy anything I just love spending time in and around cosmetics, so pleasing to the eyes. I don’t know if any of you could relate. These days I feel I am more into skincare, I do not know I end up buying lotion, creams and body butter. Face oil is my favorites but I make sure I finish the bottle and buy next, as I do not like to waste products. Coming back to this serum, the product claims appeared to be very promising, like 100 times more anti-oxidants equivalent to 55 glasses of red wine, I was like I need it and price was also reasonable.


  • Easy application than body lotions and body butters as it is of runny consistency.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Very mild and pleasant fragrance


  • It did not lighten or whiten my body. Not true to one of its claims.
  • It contains 4 variants of paraben
  • Not very easily available.
  • It did not provide enough moisturization. Two times a day application was required. It provided instant moisture and hydration to the skin which did not last long.


I somehow have mixed feelings about this serum. Because the name of the serum itself is “Extra white body serum” which is not to the title of the product itself. I wouldn’t buy this body serum again. I have also tried Vaseline Body serum which I got from Phuket itself and it was much better than this one. Let me know if you have tried this body serum by Watson or any of Watson’s products. Do let me know if you’ll have any suggestions for body serums.

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Rating: 3.5/5

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