Victoria’s Secret Love Addict Fragrance Body Mist Review

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Today’s review is about a brand that needs no introduction at all. And you’ll have known by reading the title, its Victoria’s Secret. I have fragrance body mists of the variant Romantic, Love Addict, and Velvet Petals. And I am going into details of Love Addict Fragrance Body Mist.

victoria secret love addict body mist 250ml

Product Description by Victoria’s Secret:

Discover The Mist Collection. Scents that celebrate all that’s individual, unique, and of the moment. It’s a fragrance adventure, and it starts with you.

Price of Victoria’s Secret Love Addict Mist in India:

My husband got them for me from outside India. And they were at a discount. He paid $24 for 3. The individual price is $18. But if you wish to buy, you can always buy them when they are at a discount. On Indian online websites, you might get it for around Rs. 1200 or below. I have mentioned on a higher side. You get 250ml of fragrance mist.

victoria secret love addict body mist 250ml price
$ 18

Packaging of Victoria’s Secret Love Addict:

The bottle is ombre dark purple at the bottom and light pink on top. It is a plastic bottle with a very simple design. No ingredients list or any other details aren’t mentioned. Victoria’s Secret brand logo is present on the golden cap. Simplistic yet elegant packaging.

victoria secret love addict body mist review

What is my opinion about Victoria’s Secret Love Addict Fragrance Mist?

Sadly, I have never got a chance to be in the Victoria’s Secret Store. But I want to visit one. I mean who doesn’t want to visit The Victoria Secret. Unfortunately, there are no stores in Goa. Anyways coming back to the product review, I like the packaging, it’s simple yet classy typical Victoria’s Secret. The atomizer is of good quality and dispenses the right amount. I finished almost half the bottle and no issues with the atomizer. Because of my husband’s Zara Lisboa Colombo EDT there are issues with the atomizer when it reaches more than halfway through the bottle.

The love addict fragrance mist belongs to the fruity floral category. It has got a subtle sweet fragrance. I really liked the fragrance. But unfortunately, it does not last long enough. The fragrance vanishes within 15-30minutes of application. Highly disappointed.

It is said that for a long-lasting fragrance you need to combine matching variant body lotion. But I do not have matching body lotion, so I am not sure whether the fragrance is fading off because of no application of body lotion. If any of you have got Victoria secret Love addict variant of body lotion and fragrance mist and if the combination lasts longer, kindly comment in the comment section below.

Notes: Wild Orchid. Sparkling Mimosas.


  • It has a fruity sweet and subtle fragrance that is not overpowering.
  • I get the feminine, delicate kind of feeling when I apply the mist.
  • The atomizer is great, dispenses just the right amount.
  • Sturdy packaging. Travel friendly as it isn’t a glass bottle.
  • Wide variety of fragrance to choose your taste. They also have matching body lotion, shower gels.


  • Staying power is a bummer. It fades away sooner than I expected. Other cheaper body mist variants last way longer than this one.
  • As a result, the frequent application is needed.
  • Expensive for the quality.
  • I could not find the ingredient list.


I know the fragrance mists do not longer, EDP preferred. But this fragrance mist is expensive unless you buy it at a discount. I might probably not buy fragrance mist from Victoria secret but definitely try out other products. They have recently launched a hand sanitizer range. I am rating it low because of the lasting power for the price paid. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Rating: 2.5/5

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  1. Ananka

    Oh I’ve seen these over here but never tried them. I find mists better for me as proper perfumes tend to give me headaches, so prefer lighter ones!

    Hope you are well 🙂

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