Vestige ASSURE Moisture Rich, Daily care & Deep cleanse Shampoo – Review

Vestige Assure shampoo review

Hello ladies

Vestige is a brand similar to Oriflame, Amway, Avon, etc. It is more of a network marketing. You earn points, special discounts depending on your position in the networking pyramid, etc. I came across the Vestige agent and he convinced me to try some of the products. I grabbed a few products like shampoos, conditioner, toothpaste, floor cleaner, tea, lipsticks, etc. and today I am going to talk in detail about their shampoos.

Price of Vestige Assure Shampoo:

Rs. 190 for 200 ml of product. But since it is networking marketing and if you register yourself you might get Rs. 15 to 20 off depending on your position.

Packaging of Vestige Shampoo:

It comes in a see-through transparent bottle with a black cap. You need to press on the “press” button and slightly press the bottle so that the product is dispensed.

I have 3 variants of the shampoos. Let’s talk about one by one in detail.

1)Vestige ASSURE Moisture Rich shampoo:

Don’t be deceived by the color of the product. At least I expect if the color is yellow means citrus kind of fragrance. But this shampoo contains green tea extract. This variant of the shampoo is suitable for Dry and Damaged Hair.

Vestige Assure moisture rich shampoo enriched with green tea extracts
Moisture Rich Shampoo Enriched with Green Tea Extract

Ingredient list:

Yes, it does contain chemicals like SLS. If any of you want the purely natural product then you may not consider buying this shampoo.

What the brand says “Assure Moisture Rich shampoo specially formulated for dry and damaged hair gently cleanses the hair making it manageable and smooth. Enriched with milk protein that hydrates dry hair and makes them soft and shiny. green tea extract nourishes the hair and strengthens it from the root to tip.”

Well, I did use this variant a couple of times before reviewing, but it did not make my hair manageable or smooth as it claims to be.

Ingredients of Vestige Assure Moisture Rich shampoo with green tea extracts

2)Vestige ASSURE daily care shampoo:

This variant I found slightly better than the yellow and the green color. This shampoo is said to be suitable for all hair types.

Vestige Assure daily care shampoo enriched with avocado oil and rosemary

Ingredient list:

The ingredient list is almost similar in all the shampoo except for the main ingredients, for example, this shampoo contains Avocado oil and Rosemary. There is a spelling mistake on the bottle label its written Avacado instead of Avocado.

It is also said that all the 3 variants contain Pro-Vitamin B5.

What the brand describes “Enriched with avocado (in the claims section they have mentioned the spelling properly) oil and rosemary extract that helps to manage moisture level of hair without stripping of its natural oils. It adds an extra bounce to the hair leaving it glossy, smooth and healthy.

ingredients of Vestige Assure daily care shampoo enriched with avocado oil and rosemary

3)Vestige ASSURE Deep Cleanse Shampoo:

As you can see I have finished the entire bottle, not because I loved the shampoo, but only because I did not want to waste the shampoo by just throwing off as I have purchased the shampoo of my hard-earned money. I have used much more quantity than required just to get rid of the shampoo.

Vestige Assure deep cleanse shampoo review

Ingredient list:

It contains SLS and other perfumes. Also Pro-Vitamin B5. It’s slightly green in color, first I expected it to contain aloe vera extracts looking at the color.

What the brand says about the shampoo “Effectively rinse away dirt and impurities. It gives the required amount of moisture to the hair leaving them healthy and supple. Enriched with lemon and thyme extract that helps to manage excessive oil secretion from the scalp and leaves the hair fresh and bouncy.”

ingredients of Vestige Assure deep cleanse shampoo review

What is my opinion about all the variants of Vestige Assure Shampoo?

Firstly as per the Vestige member’s claims the products are excellent and stuff like that, I went ahead and got the 3 variants because for different seasons my hair becomes different i.e. summer season super oily, etc. After using them I was highly disappointed. Firstly because of the price paid. It’s Rs. 190 for 200ml of the product. Secondly, after paying the price you do not get what it claims. I found the daily care shampoo i.e. the pink variant slightly better than the other variants. Spending extra, I do not mind provided it should give you the desired results, there are better and cheaper products available in the market. To sum up


  • Dispenser is good
  • All the 3 variants contain some amount of natural ingredients and also Pro vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 increases hair growth.
  • Different variants are available for different hair types.


  • Expensive for the quantity also did not deliver the results.
  • It did not change the texture of my hair. The yellow variant did not smoothen my hair as it claimed.
  • Not that pleasant smelling.
  • Available only Vestige distributors.
  • Contains chemicals.


I have spoken enough about the shampoos. It is a big NO from my side. I will not buy. Regret my purchase.

Also, do share what you feel about the Vestige Products if you’ll have used it in the comment section below. Also, let me know if you guys want me to review any of the Vestige products.

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Rating: 1.5/5

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(8) Comments

  1. Priyanka

    Right now this time I am writing this comment assure agent sitting in my home and assuring my mom how good and herbal there products are and going leave magical result while drinking are tea. OK I have to smile back to them😊

    1. Joselle

      Lol. The Vestige Assure agents are very convincing. Even hey convinced me and I landed up buying products around 3k. And also the product are not herbals at all, loaded with chemicals and herbal part maybe just 1%.

  2. Deepa belagavi

    All 3 Variety shampoo’s are v good i used i m a vestige distributors full stratified of Vestige Quality Products

    1. Joselle

      Hi Deepa
      This is my personal and honest opinion about the products. You being a Vestige distributor the products might have fared well for you. But unfortunately did not work for me

  3. Diya

    It’s the worst shaphoo I ever had used, I had a nice volume of hair, I used this assure deep cleanse samphoo n now even my scalp is visible wen I tie my hair, I really regret after using this samphoo twice. The worst decision I took. So my humble request to all of us please don’t use this samphoo if u don’t want to go Bald, n please give me some tips to ditoxify my scalp, I have lost 2/3 volume of my hair😭

    1. Joselle

      Hi, Diya it is very sad to hear about your experience with the Vestige hair shampoo. If you continue to lose your hair it is best you visit a dermatologist instead of experimenting with different hair shampoos. The dermatologist will be able to guide you better. A small tip instead of using shampoo with chemicals use natural ones. Apply coconut oil with curry leaves 1 hour prior to the head bath.

      1. nandhini

        sorry to say it is not work to your hair. it is work for my hair. i used this products 1year. and i am a thyroid patient. I think you know. I have a problem of hairfall. But after using this vestige products. My hairfall is controlled. it is stepby step controll. But still my thyroid is same level. so i satisfy this products mam. thankyou.I am not a distributer. After using this products. I decide to join this company.

        1. Joselle

          Hi Nandhini, I am glad the product worked for you. Unfortunately it did not work for me.

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