Studiowest Wipe Off Pure Passion Make-Up Remover – Review

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It is always important to remove makeup before going to bed, else it clogs pores and also many other skin issues. So today I am going to speak about makeup remover by Studiowest. It is a popular brand that is seen at Westside stores. I have with me Wipe Off Pure Passion Make-Up Remover. Keep reading to know if the product was up to the expectations or not.

Studiowest Wipe Off Pure Passion Make-Up Remover review
Studiowest WIPE OFF pure passion makeup remover

Price of Studiowest Makeup remover:

Rs. 245/- for 100ml of product. The product freshly manufactured in March 2019 and Expires on February 2021.

Price of Studiowest Wipe Off Pure Passion Make-Up Remover
Price: Rs. 245/-

Ingredient List:

It mostly consists of chemicals, no natural ingredients. I am not sure whether below mentioned are chemical names of any natural ingredients.

What the brand says “A deep-cleansing makeup remover that effectively removes all types of makeup. Safe and Gentle on skin”

ingredients of Studiowest Wipe Off Pure Passion Make-Up Remover

Directions for use:

If you look at the product very closely it is made up of two phases, which get separated from each other if the product is kept still. One is a kind of water phase and the other oil phase. Since the lighter phase floats over, it is very much needed to shake the product well before use. Take a cotton ball and apply the make up remover and gently stroke over the entire face to remove makeup.

What is my opinion about Studiowest Wipe Off Pure Passion Make-Up Remover?

Since I ran out of my Garnier Micellar cleansing water I wanted to purchase one more, I was thinking of Nivea Skin breathe Micellar water, but before I could place the order I went shopping with my mom to Westside. On the cosmetic counter, I came across this makeup remover. I tried a few lipsticks swatches and then used the Wipe off pure passion makeup remover. I was happy with the result and grabbed the bottle. To sum up


  • It does not over-dry your skin.
  • Most of the time when you use micellar water to remove lipstick, it tends to dry your lips, but this one, holy grail! it moisturizes your lips.
  • Since it has got an oily base, it removes effectively waterproof and other stubborn makeup.
  • It does not make your skin oily, but at the same time, it hydrates your skin.
  • No harsh smell.
  • I liked the pink color, it’s so adorable.
  • A little amount is required to remove stubborn makeup. So little goes a long way.


  • Expensive for the quantity. Garnier Micellar water costs Rs. 175/- for 125ml and Nivea you get 200ml for Rs. 250/- So almost double quantity when it comes to Nivea. But I have not tried Nivea yet. I will update you soon.
  • It is not travel-friendly. Since it has an oily base, it leaks slightly and the external packaging also becomes oily.
Studiowest Wipe Off Pure Passion Make-Up Remover
Two Phases, hence required to shake well before you use.


Well, I would repurchase the same. It works quite well. And I would definitely recommend this one, but it slightly expensive than other Micellar waters available. But it does the job fairly well of removing waterproof makeup as well.

Rating: 4/5

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