Roop Mantra NEEM face wash – Most affordable face wash Review


Hope everyone of you are having a great summer. To remove the extra dirt and pollution Neem is the best option always.  Neem is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, It helps in getting rid of the bacteria causing acne and other skin related problems. When it comes it Neem, it is basically used to remove excess oil from the skin.

So today I am reviewing the most affordable face wash available in travel size pack of 20ml. It is face wash by Dr. Juneja Roop Mantra, NEEM face wash. Continue reading to know how it fared for me.

It comes in white colour tube withe ingredients mentioned at the back of the box.

It has green gel based contents, similar to that of Himalaya Neem Purifying face wash.

The prices paid is just Rs. 18 for 20ml of product. (can you believe??)
It is available in different sizes
Rs. 83 for 115 ml of product. Quite reasonable.

Key Ingredients: 
It has Neem extract (8%) – Quite good
Tulsi extract and Turmeric(Haldi) (3% each) – Bonus 😉 along with neem. Traces of Vitamin E – 0.05%
Tulsi is also know for its anti-bacterial, cleansing properties. Use of Tulsi in the long run has anti-aging properties, It also imparts glow to the skin.
Turmeric is said to have Antiseptic properties, it is the ingredient which is used in many face washes and creams as it imparts glow to the skin.

It is not totally Herbal or Ayurvedic I would say, because it contains sulfates and perfume.

Claims Of the product:
This face wash claims to remove excess oil, deep rooted dirt, control blemishes and pimples.

How to use?
It is the normal way you use the face wash.
1) Dampen your face
2) Take pea size amount, rub gently forming lather
3) Wash it with water.

What is my opinion about the Neem face wash??
I got 3 of small Roop Mantra face was. 2 I kept at home and 1 I put in my hand bag which I carry to office daily. I would like to add, It may not start showing results over night or within one week, it takes quite some time and the process is gradual and slow. We often check for instant results, but if you want instant results then this might not give instant results. The face wash can be used for 3 years from the date of manufacturing. It is a product of Divisa, and following is the list of pros and cons.

Positive Aspect:

  • Very affordable.
  • Cleanses the face, removes the dirt and other impurities.
  • Not at all harsh on the skin.
  • Travel friendly due to its compact packaging.
  • Readily available in Pharmacies and online shopping sites.
  • Traces of Vitamin E 0.05%.
  • Contains natural ingredients like Neem, Tulsi, Turmeric.
  • Recommended for people having oily skin, as it removes the excess oils from the skin.
  • It has very soothing and mild fragrance.

Negative Aspect:

  • It contains Sulfates and Perfume.
  • It might not suit the people having dry skin , as it may remove the oils from the skin and make it more dry.
  • Cannot exactly comment on the blemishes part.

It is an affordable face wash, with natural and essential ingredients. Of course they are sulfates and chemicals here and there. So basically it is not 100% Ayurvedic.

This product is highly recommended for people having oily skin, removes the excess oils and prevents skin from acne. People having dry skin might have issue with this product, as it might over dry your skin. Great face wash to be used it summers. In case if you are a person with dry skin then you can use the face wash and apply a moisturizer immediately.

  • Final Score: 4/5

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