Primark PS Nail Polish Review & swatches- bold & bright, trending

Primark nail polish bold and bright, trending

Hello my beauties

Welcome back. Today after a long time I am writing a review on nail polish. And I have with me again from the UK brand Primark. It is a brand that is said to have very affordable stuff. But at times we feel cheap stuff is not worthy. So let us get in details of this nail polish. To check whether it is worth it or not. I have 2 sets of nail polish with me and they are called #bold & bright and the second one is #trending.

Price of Primark Nail polish:

£ 2 for one set of nail polish. It contains 4 different colors. Each nail polish is 2ml. Considering today’s pound rate each nail polish in INR is less than Rs. 50/-

Packaging of PS…Primark nail polish #bold & bright #trending:

Interesting packaging. It comes in a plastic cover with the price and ingredient list mentioned on the cover. 4 nail polishes have one common cover which you need to remove to discover individual nail paints. The plastic used is of good quality. Quite a decent packaging for the price paid. I loved it.

Packaging of PS... Primark nail polish #bold & bright #trending
#bright & bold #trending

So once you open the plastic

Shades are also mentioned on the plastic cover as well.

Primark nail polish shades

Ingredients of Primark nail polish:

Rarely nail polish companies disclose their ingredient. Primark gel nail polish did not disclose the ingredients. Whereas this range disclosed its ingredients.

ingredients of primark nail polish


1)#bold & bright:

The bold and bright range has got 2 very vibrant colors i.e. orange and yellow. One pink color is wearable by all young and old. And blue shade as well.

Below is the swatch of 2 colors. I loved both of them. Do let me know in the comment section below which color you liked.

Primark nail polish #bold & bright yellow and orange

The blue shade is nice and subtle. Not striking at all. So can be worn to office or college.

Primark nail polish #bold & bright blue swatch

I forgot to click pictures of pink shade. Actually got confused with 8 shades. I will click and add soon.


This set has got some amazing shades. 4 fingers I applied the beautiful purple shade and my ring finger I applied the lavender shade. Out of all 4 colors I loved the purple one.

Primark nail polish #trending purple and lavender swatch

This is a beautiful subtle light green color. The 4th shade is orange one which is the same as that in the bold and bright set.

Primark nail polish #trending

What is my opinion about Primark nail polish?

What do I say about these nail polishes? I really loved them. When you apply the nail polishes with one coat you do not get the opacity. Minimum 2 coats required. Drying takes time as usual nail polishes. I like quick-drying nail paints because I remember to apply the nail paints only at night and then finally some of it gets to my blankets even after drying. Because it does not dry well. I mean I can’t explain. Can you guys relate? The Primark nail polish lasts at least a minimum for a week. And I do all the household work like washing utensils etc. where there are more chances of the nail polish to chip off. The following are the pros and cons


  • Extremely affordable, in less than Rs. 200 you get 4 shades.
  • Wide variety of sets available to choose from.
  • It lasts for at least a week and then starts chipping off.
  • Easy application of the nail polish.
  • It goes of easily with a nail paint remover.
  • It gives a gel-like finish.


  • I have a complaint with all the nail polishes. They should dry quickly.


I really liked the nail paints. If you get a chance to visit Primark store. Grab at least one of them. You will get 4 different shades. At the beginning of the post I said whether cheap stuff is worth it or not. Definitely these are worth the price.

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Rating: 4.8/5

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  1. Ananka

    These are nice – good selection of colours. Primark have really upped their game as far as nail polishes I think.

    Haha yes! Drying time needs to be fast if you paint at night 😉

    1. admin

      Yes, indeed Primark has upped their game.
      I swear Drying time should be super quick.

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