Primark PS Liquid Matte Lipsticks – The Tropical Edit Review and Swatches

Hello my lovelies

Today I am going to review Liquid Matte Lipsticks by the most affordable brand Primark. It is an international brand based in the UK, USA, etc. My husband got these lipsticks for me from the UK along with nail polish, foundations, etc. Continue reading to know more about the product.

Price: It costs £4. You get 4 different lipsticks of different shades of 1.8ml each. 4 X 1.8ml. Considering today’s rate the cost of lipsticks comes to Rs. 345 approx, so basically each lipstick will cost Rs. 86.35 each. which is a great deal.

Packaging: The packaging of these lipsticks is similar to Huda beauty liquid mini matte lipsticks (I do not own any of the Huda products yet, but I have seen the images). It comes in a carton open box and all the lipsticks are placed in d box. And shades are mentioned on the box itself. No shade name or shade code is mentioned. Once you open the thin plastic cover you get all the 4 shades


Ingredients: Complicated set of ingredients.


Following are the hand swatches of the lipstick. You get 2 shades of pink, 1 red shade, and one orange shade.

Hand and Lip swatches:

  • Orange shade: it is a beautiful bold orange color. It makes your face look vibrant. It is not a gaudy orange color so I feel it will suit all the skin tones.
  • Dark Pink shade: this shade is a very dark-magenta-pink kind of shade. It looks extremely gorgeous on the lips. This is my favorite shade out of the 4 shades.
  • Red shade: This is a vampy red hot shade. Ideal to wear for parties. This red shade is with blue undertones. This shade almost looks similar to the magenta pink shade only on the images

What is my opinion about Primark PS Liquid Matte Lipsticks – The Tropical Edit?

Some have the opinion that Primark is cheap, so the products are not to b used. But I feel not all cheap things are of bad quality. Common I mean they will not put some acid or something to burn your skin or lips. Some of the products are really of great quality. So far I do not regret the purchase of any products except one lipstick. I will review the same very soon hopefully.


  • Very affordable, you just pay approx Rs. 86 for each lipstick. You get 4 different shades for the price of one.
  • Highly pigmented lipsticks
  • This set has the basic shades 2 shades of pink, 1 orange, 1 red. It completes the basic collection of lipsticks
  • It is cruelty-free
  • Compact and Convenient packaging, so they are travel-friendly.
  • These come in various sets like The Romance edit, the Rose edit, The Miami edit, etc. So a wide range to choose from.


  • It transfers like crazy, it will stain all your cups, water bottles, etc. whatever comes in contact with your lips
  • It does not survive oily meals, it starts fading from the inner part of the lips.

Summary: I would definitely recommend these cute little lipsticks, as they are very affordable. If you have your relatives’ friends visiting those countries ask them to get for you. I was going through sites to check if I can find these lipsticks in India, I found one but the price is 3 times more, Rs. 1200 to be precise, so I wouldn’t recommend buying from there as it is way much much expensive. Let me know in the comment section below, which shade you liked the most.

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Final Score: 4/5

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