Primark PS Gel Effect Longwear & one coat Nail polish- Wine and Twilight

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Primark is a store that is based in the USA, UK, and many other countries. You get everything from clothes to accessories, shoes, cosmetics, menswear, etc at a reasonable price. They manufacture their own goods. At times when we get goods at a relatively low price, we underestimate their quality or we think they might not be good, etc. Anyways coming to the point, today’s review is about Gel Effect Nail polish and I have 2 shades, Wine and Twilight.

Price of Primark Gel effect Nail Polish:

It costs £ 1 which is approximately INR 87.80 as per today’s date. The quantity is 11ml. I feel getting a Gel nail polish at approximately Rs. 90/- was a deal. The price is mentioned on the applicator itself.

Packaging of Primark Nail polish:

It comes in a square-shaped transparent glass bottle and the applicator is black in color. The shade name is mentioned on the label at the rear side of the bottle. I liked the bottle shape, sturdy bold and solid square glass bottle.

Primark PS Gel Effect Longwear & one coat Nail polish twilight, wine review


The applicator reminds me of Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color applicator. It has a wide applicator so that a larger area I covered during application. And the quality is also quite good.

applicator of Primark PS Gel Effect Longwear & one coat Nail polish



It is a beautiful, dark purple plum color. As you can see in the image it has a very glossy effect. This pic was clicked on the 3rd day after the application of the nail polish. Still, it was as beautiful as the nail polish looked on the first day of application. I feel dark colors suit me more.

swatch of Primark PS Gel Effect Longwear & one coat Nail polish wine
nail swatch of Primark PS Gel Effect Longwear & one coat Nail polish wine

2) Twilight:

This is a beautiful grey color. It looks so gorgeous. I could describe the color as that of cement. Again the picture was clicked the next day after application. The shade name reminds me of the vampire’s and werewolf movie Twilight.

swatch of Primark PS Gel Effect Longwear & one coat Nail polish twilight

What is my opinion about Primark PS Gel Effect Longwear & one coat Nail polish?

My husband had gone in one of the Primark stores in the UK, once he came across the cosmetic section he video called and asked what I wanted, after seeing the cosmetic range I went crazy. I told him to buy nail polishes, lipstick, glosses, mascara, foundation, etc. Each product I will review shortly. He asked what shades of nail paint I would prefer, I told him to check for dark colors and I suggested deep plum and I also wanted a grey color. I wasn’t sure how these nail paints would turn out to be, so I told him to just get 2 shades and to my surprise, they were just amazing.

Let me also tell you these are my first gel nail polishes, so I do not know how exactly gel polishes work. But I feel these polishes did justice to my expectations.


  • Very much reasonable, under Rs. 90/- such gorgeous nail polish, that too gel nail polish.
  • It gives a gel-like shiny finish
  • Awesome shades available
  • Last more than 2 weeks. P.S. I do all house wok like washing utensils, chopping vegetables, etc.
  • The gel-like finish does not fade even after 7 to 8 days of application


  • It says one coat nail polish, but I feel you need 2 coats for a proper and perfect finish.


I would definitely recommend you to try this nail polish. If your friends, relatives, husbands, boyfriends come across these Primark stores then ask them to get these nail polishes. They are worth giving a shot. I rated 4.9 instead of 5 only because the brand mentioned one coat, whereas I feel 2 coats are required, still that point can be ignored for the quality and the price.

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Rating: 4.8/5

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  1. Sreelaxmi

    Hey, I’m from India, How did you get ur hands on the Primark Nail polishes. Because as far as i know, they are available in the UK and US but not in India. Please Help.

    1. Joselle

      Hi. My husband had gone to the UK so he got for me from there. If you have your friends or relatives you can ask them to get for you. Very affordable and worthwhile.

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