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Welcome back to my small world Beauty and the geek. I did not try any face new face masks recently, was using whatever I had purchased previously. So came across this Plum goodness product and thought of getting this one. Plum is a brand that never disappointed me so far. So let’s get in detail with Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask. Is it the best face mask for oily combination skin? Is it the best facial mask for acne-prone skin? Let’s find out. Continue reading to know more.

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask packaging
Plum Green Tea Clear face mask

Price of Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask:

Rs. 490/- for 60 grams of the product. Yeah, it sounds a little too much for a face mask but trusts me guys it is a holy grail product. And there was a discount going on, on 50% off on all Plum products for 3 hours. Without wasting much time I got this one and Plum Kohl.

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Ingredients of Plum face mask:

The first component is water. Kaolin clay is a gentle cleanser. It removes all the impurities from the skin without drying and causing skin irritation. It also reduces the oil hence very much suitable for people with oily skin types.

Bentonite has unending skin benefits. Firstly it heals acne, unclogs the pores, removes toxins from the skin, and softens and brightens skin. It exfoliates the skin naturally.

Cetearyl Alcohol is used to soften the skin.

Green tea leaf extract is the key ingredient, it has antioxidant properties. It helps in improving skin texture i.e. helps in treating the skin which is damaged due to sun exposure. It also has got anti-ageing properties.

Plum says a big NO-NO to parabens, phthalates, SLS and other animal-derived ingredients.

Green Tea Clear Face Mask ingredients

Packaging of Plum face mask:

It comes in a carton box of white and olive green colour since it is a green tea range. Different ranges are characterized by different box colours. So once you open the box there comes an instruction leaflet and then a glass jar with a white screw cap. Once you open the jar cap, you get yet another lid to protect the contents. Sturdy packaging.

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask contents

Suitable for: combination skin, oily and acne-prone skin.

If you have extremely oily skin like mine (but my skin type changes as per seasons) this mask is suitable for acne and oily skin. In short, it is an ideal oily skin face pack.

It says “oxidation of skin-produced sebum leads to acne Green tea extracts are known for anti-oxidants. Clay absorbs excess oil and weeds out dead skin helped by glycolic acid”.

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask suitable for combi, oily, acne-prone skin
Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask
Plum’s contribution to the planet

How to use Plum face pack:

As mentioned earlier the instruction leaflet was inside.

You need to apply a thin layer of this mask taking care it does not come in contact with your eyes. You need to wait for 30 mins after application or till the mask completely dries. Pat dry your skin and do not scrub with a face towel.

It strictly says do not use it more than the recommended frequency. Advisable to use only once a week.

What is my opinion about Plum Green Tea clear face mask?

The mask is of thick consistency. Once you apply the mask you get a tingling sensation for a few minutes. It is already mentioned due to the presence of Bentonite clay gives a tingling sensation and it is normal. Plum Green Tea clear face mask has got a very mild fragrance not bothersome at all. It dried like after 20 minutes but as the direction, I kept on my face for 30 minutes and then rinsed it off. It instantly brightened my face. Gave me a home facial-like glow. I felt it removed all the gunk out of my skin.

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask


  • A promising set of ingredients.
  • No harsh chemicals or animal-derived products.
  • Sturdy packaging
  • I felt it removed all the dirt and gunk out of my skin.
  • Ideal for combination and oily skin. And I have combination skin, it worked great on my skin. It gave a facial-like glow.
  • Little quantity is needed. And since you can use it only once a week I think it will last for at least 2 months.


  • It is pricey considering the quantity of just 60 grams. You can always grab it when it is on discount.
  • It did not work on acne.


I would definitely recommend you to buy this particular face mask if you have a combination or oily skin. It works wonders. But acne-prone claim I would not completely agree with. But other claims it is absolutely true. It removes excess oil from the skin. I really loved the mask as it gave a beautiful brightening effect and also removed the dirt from the skin. I would definitely grab another bottle once I run out of this one.

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If you have tried this mask from Plum do let me know what you feel about the same.

Rating: 4.2/5

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