Origenz Premium Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil) Review

origenz black seed oil review

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Hoping you are doing well. Today’s review is about black seed oil for hair and it is from the brand Origenz Premium. I never tried black seed oil, this was the first time. I am very impressed with Origenz Castor oil and wanted to try this oil after testing the castor oil. Did it meet my expectations? Let’s find out.

Claims of Origenz Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil):

Origenz oil is pure and natural. High-quality product that carries natural antioxidants and healthy fatty acids. It works on hair roots to make them strong and healthy. Its anti-bacterial property will restrict any scalp infection by combatting dandruff and scalp irritation. The presence of thymoquinone, a powerful antihistamine in the oil helps in hair growth and makes your hair shiny and hydrated.

Claims of Origenz Black Seed Oil


This product was kindly sent to me by the Origenz Premium brand. I write honest and unbiased reviews for my dear readers. I write reviews based on my personal experience. Irrespective of the product sent by the company or purchased with my own money.

Price of Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil):

Rs. 647/- for 100ml of oil. But this product is always on discount at the least 50% discount, on today’s date it is costing Rs. 249/-.

price of Origenz Black Seed Oil

Packaging of Origenz Premium Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil):

It comes in a brown carton packaging. once you open the packaging you find an amber-colored bottle. And it has got a flip cap. It has a secure packaging, additional white cap is present inside which makes the oil leak proof. All the details like benefits, claims of kalonji oil, price, caution, etc are mentioned on the box as well as the bottle. Which is a good thing. because most of the time we do not keep the box.

Ingredients of Black seed oil:

Black seed is also called kalonji seed in Hindi. I am not sure if there are any other ingredients apart from black seed oil. Because black seed oil is mentioned as a key ingredient.

Black seed oil benefits for hair:

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Fights scalp infection
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Makes hair healthier and shiny
  • Strengthen hair cuticles over time
  • Reduces hair thinning

besides the above claims by the company, it also moisturizes the scalp. Also, studies have shown that it is being used as a hair fall remedy.

ingredients of Origenz Black Seed Oil

How to use Black seed oil?

you need to take the desired amount of oil into your palm and apply it to hair roots. Massage for about 2 to 3 minutes. You need to apply the hair oil at least 3 hours before the bath. But applying the oil overnight yields better results.

how to use black seed oil

What is my opinion about Origenz Premium Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil)?

Impressed with the castor oil from Origenz company. And had very high expectations from this oil. I usually apply the oil in the morning and have a bath at night. I followed the instructions as mentioned in the box. Since it is suitable for all hair types I tried it on my straightened and colored hair. It did add some life to my dry and damaged hair. Slight shine I could see. It had a positive impact on my hair growth. I massage my scalp after oil application. It increases blood circulation that in turn helps in hair growth. I cannot comment on the dandruff part as I do not have the same. Unfortunately, it did not reduce my hair fall.

Often oil companies add mineral oil to increase the quantity and the key ingredient is just 1-15%. Whereas Origenz black seed oil claims that they do not add any mineral oils.

Texture and Consistency:

Unlike castor oil, it has a pretty runny consistency and slight black tint to the yellow colored oil. The color is maybe due to the presence of black seed. The smell is of black seeds not bothersome for me.


  • It is a made in India product.
  • No parabens
  • No mineral oil
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Unrefined oil, so essential nutrients are not lost.
  • Added shine to my hair.
  • It prompted hair growth.
  • You can use the oil for 36 months after opening.
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy oil.


  • It did not reduce my hair fall as it claims to strengthen the cuticles.
  • A little on the pricier side considering the quantity.


I would recommend this oil to anyone who wants hair growth and shine to their hair. If you are looking for a hair fall remedy then this one will not help. A good product. I would be glad to try other products from this brand as they are free from chemicals and claims are promising.

Rating: 4/5

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