Origenz Castor Oil for hair, skin, and nails review

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Welcome back. Today’s review is about a haircare plus skincare product. It is an oil by a brand called Origenz. And it is the premium Castor (Arandi) oil. It is rare to find products that work for both hair and skin. Let’s find out if this oil fared well or not.

Claims of Origenz Castor (Arandi) oil:

The Origenz castor oil is pure and natural that is rich in antioxidants. It is derived from the seeds of the castor oil plant. It supports keratin in hair, making it smoother, stronger, and frizz-free. The high content of ricinoleic acid in castor oil helps to improve blood circulation at the scalp that makes the follicles healthy. The oil encourages hair growth and is one of the best options to control hair fall. The antioxidants fight free radicals in your body by lowering down the aging process. Anti-inflammatory properties help fight sunburn and make skin smooth and shiny.

claims of origenz castor oil


This product was kindly sent to me by Origenz Premium. I write honest and unbiased reviews based on my personal experience with a particular product.

Price of Origenz Castor (Arandi) oil:

It costs Rs. 447/- for 100 ml of product. But it is most of the time at a discount. 45% too 50% discount. You can grab for half the price Rs. 223/- You can buy the product from below mentioned links.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3d7SChh  || Flipkart: http://fkrt.it/7fgS4CNNNN 

price of origenz castor oil

Packaging of Origenz Castor (Arandi) oil:

It comes in a light yellow color carton box with all the details mentioned. The claims of the oil, how to use the oil, note of caution, ingredient list and price. Once you open the box you find amber colored bottle with a flip cap. Whatever mentioned on the box is also mentioned on the bottle.

Origenz pure and natural premium Castor Arandi oil

Key Ingredient:

Cold-pressed castor (Ricinus Communis) oil (Arand beej oil). The benefits are mentioned on the box itself along with the claims. That’s a great thing.

Castor oil works fine for both hair and skin. I did not have to research the benefits of using castor oil because they were already mentioned on the box and also I could feel the visible difference.

  • treats dandruff
  • controls hair fall
  • boost hair growth
  • prevents graying hair
  • natural conditioner
  • protects hair from damage
  • treats wrinkles
  • clears acne
  • boost your inner glow
  • moisturize your skin
  • soothe sunburn
  • promotes overall skin health.
ingredients of origenz castor oil

What is my opinion about Origenz Castor (Arandi) oil for hair, skin, and nails?

I had never tried castor oil in my life before. I was skeptical about whether it will really work or not. But to my surprise, it works wonder from the first use itself.

Hair: I applied on my hair and left it overnight. Trust me guys it worked wonders. I used to get a lot of hair fall. My hair fall reduced in the first application itself. It also added moisture to my hair i.e. the ends of my hair wasn’t that much dry as they used to be before. I have chemically straightened hair. I do not have dandruff so I cannot really comment on the same. Thanks to the Almighty I haven’t started graying as of yet. So I belive Origenz Castor oil will help to delay the graying process.

Skin: I cannot exaggerate enough. The first use itself, the very next morning my skin was smooth and plump. Usually, it becomes like that after using facial creams and gels at least for a week. But with this oil, I could see a noticeable difference. After a week’s usage, my skin is a lot smoother. No large pores. Now winters are starting in Goa and surprisingly my skin has not felt dry even without applying a moisturizer. I cannot comment on the wrinkles part. I will have to ask my mom to try it and will share the results soon.

Texture and consistency:

This part of the oil I dislike. It has a very thick consistency and a slight fragrance. I can smell roasted peanuts. Am I the only one who gets the smell of castor oil like a roasted peanut? But the fragrance fades away eventually. It has a sticky consistency that’s why many people dislike using the same.

consistency of castor oil

Note of caution:

Origenz castor  oil caution


  • It reduced my hair fall in single-use itself.
  • True to claims i.e. it adds moisture to dry and frizzy hair.
  • For men, they can use it in place of gel. It sets the hair well and is beneficial for the hair roots. For all the men out there Origenz castor oil is a healthy scalp and hair option.
  • It works wonder for the skin. Quick results for silky smooth skin.
  • It is cold-pressed oil i.e. no heat used during extraction so the benefits of the oil are retained.
  • Affordable if you can grab it on discount and it mostly on discount.


  • Sticky consistency which is the main reason why most people dislike using.


Though sticky consistency this oil has a large number of benefits. I loved it a lot. The results are exceptional and I would highly recommend the Origenz Castor oil. Any questions or views let me know in the comment section below. I bet you will not regret your purchase.

Rating: 4.7/5

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