Nyle Naturals Dryness Hydration Shampoo Review

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I hope you all are doing well. Today I am reviewing a product whose ads I have seen on television since I was a kid. Its Nyle Naturals Advanced Shampoo and I have the variant Dryness Hydration. I had never tried any products from the brand before and this is my first purchase from Nyle. Let’s dive into the details of the shampoo.

Claims of Nyle Dryness Hydration Shampoo:

Dryness Hydration shampoo is said to contain natural extracts, paraben-free, and pH balanced. It is filled with the goodness of natural extracts of aloe vera, tulsi, amla, and green tea. It fights dryness, resulting in smooth and manageable hair. (Individual results may vary). The pH balance of this shampoo gives additional damage protection. (Damage caused by alkaline pH. Meaning increased charge on hair leading to friction and cuticle damage).

claims of Nyle naturals dryness hydration shampoo
Nyle advanced shampoo claims

Price of Nyle Naturals Advanced Dryness Hydration Shampoo:

Rs. 205/- for 400 ml of shampoo. Being a paraben-free shampoo the quantity received is good for 200 bucks. It comes in 3 different sizes. Rs. 93/- for 180ml, Rs. 205/- for 400 ml and Rs. 305/- for 800ml. The bigger the size, the cheaper it is.

price of nyle naturals advanced dryness hydration shampoo
Rs. 205/- for 400ml

Packaging of Nyle Shampoo:

It comes in a sleek transparent bottle with a flip-open cap. The contents are green matching the cap of the shampoo bottle. Being transparent you can see how much of the product is remaining.

Ingredients of Nyle Dryness Hydration Shampoo:

The first ingredient is aqua i.e. water.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate: is a chemical that traps oil-based dirt and is to be rinsed away with water. It is responsible for lather formation. Studies have shown it is safe to use SLS unless your hair is treated with keratin or color. Since SLS traps oil-based dirt at times it traps the essential oils from the hair.

Cocamidopropyl betaine is used as a foam booster. It used in cosmetics as an emulsifying agent and thickener so as to reduce irritation which may be caused by surfactants in this case SLS.

It also contains other lists of chemicals. Let discuss other natural ingredients present in this shampoo.

Tulsi extract is rich in vitamin K and antioxidants. It helps in blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth.

Green tea extracts help in improving the hair texture as well as prevents hair loss. It also helps in fighting dryness and dandruff.

ingredients of nyle naturals dryness hydration shampoo

What is my opinion on Nyle Dryness Hydration shampoo:

Nyle is there in the market for quite some time. The Nyle shampoo brand is owned by CavinKare. It comes in 6 different variants. Volume enhances, dryness hydration, damage repair, pollution shield, anti-hair fall, and anti-dandruff.

I always look for a shampoo that is free from parabens. And when I saw this shampoo in the superstore I was quite happy with the price tag. Rs. 205 for 400ml. I like anything that is reasonable and gives good results.

I tried the Nyle Dryness Hydration shampoo with prior oil application and without oil application. And I must say it works well both ways. It removes the oil efficiently from the hair. It lathers well. I take 2 coin size amount for my slightly more than mid-length chemically straightened hair.

The dryness Hydration variant is green in color and has a mild fragrance. The fragrance remains for quite some time and eventually fades as your hair dries. Though Dryness Hydration only shampoo does not help. I feel the conditioner is also needed. Applying conditioner adds more softness to hair. Overall a good shampoo for the price and the quality.


  • This shampoo contains natural extracts of aloe vera, tulsi, amla, and green tea.
  • pH balance.
  • This shampoo can be used by both men and women.
  • It lathers well and removes excess dirt and oil from hair.
  • It does not over dry my hair which is a good thing i.e. does not strip off moisture from hair. True to its claim of dryness hydration.
  • Affordable being paraben-free shampoo.
  • Transparent bottle wherein you can see how much of the shampoo is remaining.
  • A total of 6 variants available to choose from.
  • The shampoo is readily available online as well as offline.


  • It contains other chemicals like sodium Laureth sulfate (SLS) and other chemicals.


Overall a great shampoo for the price paid. Does the job well of removing oils and dirt from the hair without over drying your hair. I would recommend this shampoo.

Rating: 4.2/5

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  1. Ananka

    That does sound really good 😀 Been quite lucky with my hair (apart from going grey haha) it doesn’t get dry or any other issues. As I have been getting a lot of grey recently, tempted to dye it black. I am normally brunette, so not sure. I dyed it blonde once, NEVER AGAIN! Bleaching your hair is the worst thing possible, didn’t agree with me and I didn’t suit blonde either!!!

    1. Joselle

      Lucky you!! So for grey hair why don’t you try the Loreal Paris Magic retouch root touch up hair spray. It’s a quick fix when you are in hurry and want to cover your greys. My mum uses the same.

  2. Beatrice T. Christ

    Very nicely written 😇 informative

    1. Joselle

      Thank you so much for spending time on my blog 🙂

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