Nykaa Freesia and Vanilla Hand & Nail Creme Review

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These days my hands were becoming very dry and scaly. I had never tried a hand cream before, so thought of buying a hand cream and using the same and check if it helps or not. And Nykaa had newly launched their hand cream, so went ahead and got Freesia and Vanilla Variant. There are a total of 7 variants.

  1. Peony and white lily
  2. Jasmine and Neroli
  3. Honeysuckle and White Tea
  4. Magnolia and White Tea
  5. Rose and White Musk
  6. French Lavender and Honey
  7. And of course, the one which I got, Freesia and Vanilla

Packaging of Nykaa Nail and hand creme:

It comes in a tube packaging with a black screw-unscrew black colored cap. Based on the variant you choose it has different colored floral patterns and shapes on it. It does not come with a carton box or anything, Just a normal tube packaging with the ingredient list, price, etc mentioned at the rear of the pack. It says you can use it for 24 months after opening. The cream claims to be animal cruelty-free.

Price of Nykaa Freesia and Vanilla Hand & Nail Creme:

It cost Rs. 275 for 30 ml of product.

Ingredients of Nykaa Hand and Nail creme:

As seen in the above image it consists of a complicated set of ingredients, that is chemicals, etc. But the product claims to be Paraben free and SLS free, which is a great thing. Along with the complex ingredient list, there are also some essential oils in it like Avocado oil, Wheatgerm oil, Almond oil, Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, Rice bran oil, and Olive oil.

Rice bran oil and Avocado oil both are used for moisturizing the skin, they are also said to have Vitamin E which is essential for skin health.

Wheatgerm oil consists of antioxidants and has got anti-aging properties.

Argan oil is said to offer a large number of benefits to the skin, it is a good moisturizing agent, protects the skin from sun damage, it also has anti-aging properties. It is also used to treat many skin conditions hence Argan oil is mostly trending these days in many cosmetic products.

Fragrance, Texture, and consistency:

It is mentioned that the fragrance is of freesia flower, I have not smelled the flower, so basically it smells like Vanilla. It smells yummy 😛
The hand cream has got a lightweight texture, it does not become sticky, as the skin easily absorbs it.

What is my opinion about the Nykaa Freesia and Vanilla Hand & Nail Creme?

As mentioned earlier, this is my first hand and nail cream, I have not used any such products earlier, as I never felt the need for the same. So I will not be able to compare and tell which is a better product, I will give my honest review about this hand cream.
This is a nice and pleasant smelling hand creme, feel like eating the same :P, but it’s not edible. Jokes apart, the creme is easily absorbed in the skin. To sum up.


  • The fragrance is nice and pleasant
  • Non-sticky formulation
  • Easily absorbed by the skin
  • Can see visible differences in a few uses.
  • Keeps your hands hydrated.
  • Free from SLS and paraben.
  • Total of 7 variants to choose from
  • Pea size amount is what you need for soft and supple hands


  • Quantity should have been more for the price.


Totally recommend this variant of hand creme. I cannot comment on other variants, they may or may not work. But this one is a good variant, but as mentioned the quantity should have been a little more. And little quantity is required so the tube is going to last for some time.

Rating: 4/5

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