My take on Votre Multi Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Creme “Night Infusion”

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I am so much obsessed with trying out night creams these days and today I am reviewing the expensive night creme by Votre. Actually this product I received in one of the subscription boxes some time back but I did not use the product on regular basis back then so I did not write a detailed review of the same. Now I have been using the product for a couple of weeks and lets see how the creme fared for me.

As I mentioned earlier, I got it with a subscription box, the full size cost Rs.2350 for 50 grams of product and this is a 30 grams size priced at Rs. 1550.

The packaging is not worth the price hype. If you go to buy the product individually it is quite expensive, and as the the price paid I expect a nice packaging (well my expectations may be a little too high) it is an ordinary packaging, black tub and the brand logo is mentioned in silver and rest description in white.

It says its an Ayurvedic product. The list of ingredients can be seen in the below image. Overall the product is rich in Vitamins like Vitamin A, B6, C, E, K and omega fatty acid and Licorice.

Vitamin A is essential for production of healthy skin cells and also keeps the skin firm, so for this reason Vitamin A rich compounds are used in anti-ageing creams.

Vitamin K helps in treating stretch marks and other skin issues.

Omega fatty acids keep the skin hydrated and make it look younger and plumper.

So the ingredient list is quite promising.

Claims of the product:

As can be seen in the ingredient list, this product is loaded with Vitamins and also anti-oxidants which makes the skin looks healthy. The product claims that it is clinically proven to help increase cell renewal of facial skin and also delay the ageing process.

It is suitable for all skin types.

Directions for use:
Take sufficient amount and massage for 2 to 3 minutes.

Consistency of the product:
As can be seen in the image its quite thick and not runny. It has an amazing smell.

What is my opinion about Votre Multi Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Creme “Night Infusion”?
the very first thing which I liked about the product is its fragrance. As mentioned earlier I am using this product for couple of weeks but I did not find any noticeable difference on my face expect it made my facial skin soft and smooth like the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil- face. Considering the price factor I expect more of the creme.


  • Its smells divine.
  • makes the skin soft and supple.
  • Has ingredients loaded with Vitamins which is a good part.
  • No where it is mentioned it contains sulphates and parabens, again thumbs up for that.


  • This creme is very pricey.
  • Personally I feel tub packaging is quite unhygienic and this creme comes in a tub pack.
  • No much noticeable difference like making skin appear radiant and plump etc.


Also I will not be able to comment on the anti-ageing claims of the product. I would not recommend this product if you are planning to buy individually on any shopping sites because they are expensive and not worth the price paid. I feel you get better night cremes if you want only soft skin for almost half  the price or even less. I feel this particular Votre product is not worth the hype. As I was checking the reviews and stuff, I came across some people break out using this product, thankfully no such reaction occurred on my face but I would recommend you to do a patch test before using the product, if you have received it in any of the subscription boxes.

Final Score: 2/5

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