My take on Versace Yellow diamond Intense Eau de Parfum

Hello everyone. I am back with a review on perfumes. Summers are approaching in Goa, in a months time, everyone wants to smell good and not sweaty or stinky. Otherwise also, who does not like smelling fresh and good. So here I am reviewing a perfume i used recently, Versace Yellow diamond Intense Eau de Parfum.

Fragrances are of various categories

  • Parfum: highest concentration of essential oils, aromatic compounds up to 40-50%.
  • Eau de Parfum: it has lower concentration of essential oils in comparison to parfum, but higher concentrate then Eau de Toilette.
  • Eau de toilette: has got upto 10% of concentrate of essential oil. It fades much faster than Eau de Parfum.
  • Eau de Cologne: has upto 7% of concentrate, hence it evaporates much more quickly and re-application is needed.

I was always confused with Perfume notes. But then did a little research. There are 3 notes

  • Head or Top Notes: these notes you smell first upon application and they last for 10-15 minutes. The head notes play an important role as the person decides to buy fragrance depending on the head notes.
  • Heart Notes: these notes form integral part of all fragrances. The start to bloom after the head notes vanish. They last much longer then the head notes but lesser than base note.
  • Base Notes: they start to bloom only after heart notes fade away.

So enough research on perfumes, notes etc. Finally getting back to the review.

Following are the list of ingredients:

The perfume is made in Italy

It is approximately £45-50 for 50ml of bottle.

It comes in a beautiful blue box, and gold print. The box itself looks gorgeous, but when you open the box and take out the bottle, man!! its just awesome. It will look great on your dressing table. The show stopper is the lid of the perfume bottle. The entire bottle is light yellow in colour.

As can be sen in the image, the lid looks a diamond with the logo on top of the lid. I am in love with the bottle. It looks so luxurious.

You need to use the perfume within 36 months after opening the bottle.

What is my opinion about Versace Yellow Diamond Intense Eau De Parfum?
Actually this perfume was a gift by my brother. As soon as I opened the box, I fell in love with the bottle and the brand Versace, who does not want to own one.

Top Notes: Mediterranean accords of bergamot and neroili.

Heart Notes: Orange blossom, freesia, jasmine and osmanthus.

Base Notes: Amber wood, musk, benzoin and guaic wood.

This perfume was launched in 2014. they also have 1 more variety Versace Yellow Diamond having similar color bottle packaging.


  • The packaging is super luxurious and posh.
  • Once you apply the fragrance it last for pretty long time. About 6 hours. After that it starts fading. After  5 plus hours you do not get the aroma but if you really smell closely then you get.
  • Eau de Parfum are expensive and this one is in the same price range category of most Eau de parfum range.
  • The perfume is deep, crisp, feminine and voluptuous.


  • Can’t really think of any. May be the lasting power should have been better.

After wearing the perfume for few days, I realized it is not my kind of fragrance. I do wear the perfume but it is not my absolute favorite. I would not buy the same perfume again but would love to try other Versace variants as the perfume bottles manufactured by Versace are quite gorgeous.

Final Score:

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