My take on Stay Quirky Nail Polish, Matte Finish, Fluorescent – Matt-a-boy 1002

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Hope you all are doing good. I like to experiment with colours, when it comes to nail polishes. So today I am reviewing, one of my favourite range of nail paints, the fluorescent range. And I have with me a beautiful, striking fluorescent green colour. I have with me a nail polish by Stay Quirky, Matt-a-boy 1002.

Rs.135 for 6 ml of product. (But I got it for discounted price of Rs. 99)

You can get the product HERE

About Stay Quirky:

This is an Indian based cosmetic company, having a wide range of product ranging from foundations, nail polishes, kajals, eyeliners, lipstick, primer, etc. and also accessories like beauty blender, sharpeners etc. The best part is it is pocket friendly.

The bottle is like the Maybelline colour show range, like most of the nail polishes it is having a see through bottle and a normal applicator brush. The shade code is mentioned on the cap. The bottle has got a matte finish.

Application and consistency:
the applicator brush is most like the other polishes, it is not thick or broad, nothing extra ordinary about the brush.

This is how the shade looks on my Nails:
Isn’t the colour looking striking and attractive? I am in love with this beautiful neon green colour (but it doesn’t glow in the dark 😉 . Do comment in the comment section below and let me know what you feel about the colour.

It requires 2 coats to give the perfect matte finish. And the best part about this nail polish is, it dries out within a minute or 2.

What is my opinion about the nail polish?
Before I share my opinion, I would like to say I am in love with this florescent neon green shade. You require to apply 2 coats for opacity.  On the website it is mentioned that the product is Paraben Free, Lead Free, Vegan, Formaldehyde Free, Halal, Acetone Free, Toxicity Free, Toluene Free. But no where it is mentioned on the product itself.


  • It dries very quickly, which is the best part, because I do not like nail polishes which take too long to dry
  • The colour, as I have mentioned earlier, it an awesome shade of green
  • Dries into perfect matte finish
  • Last for a weeks time with no or minimal chipping.
  • Can be used for 36 months from the date of packaging.


  • None for me

I would definitely try other shades from this range , Quite impressed with the nail polish. I would not buy the same shade because this will take long time to get exhausted.

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  • Final Score : 5/5

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