Stay Quirky Liquid Foundation – 03 carry on Caramel, Review

Hi lovelies,

Today I am yet again with another product by an Indian brand, Stay Quirky. I have tried the holographic nail polish and matte nail polish from the brand and was quite happy with the same so went ahead and got foundation from stay Quirky.  And I am using the shade carry on caramel.  7 shades or more are available in this range. Continue reading to know more about the foundation.

It comes with a frost finish bottle. I personally like pump applicators for foundations and this one comes in a pump applicator and the shade code mentioned on the cap and the expiry & price mentioned at the bottom.

As can be seen in the image Rs. 245 for 27 grams of product. You hardly or rarely get foundations with this price range.

You can buy it HERE

It has got a cute disclaimer, “LOOK HOT BUT STORE THIS IN COOL PLACE”

Claims Of Product:
Below mentioned are the claims of the product.

  • Water resistant
  • Blends effortlessly
  • Light weight

Following is the image of how the product looks like: The Consistency

After blending (hardly makes any difference):

Types of foundations:
1) Sheer Coverage: This type of foundation does not cover any black spots, blemishes, etc. It gives more of a natural look.

2) Medium Coverage: covers the black spots (not fully in certain cases, but reduces their appearance to a considerable extent), redness, dullness etc.

3) Full coverage : It covers all the dark spots, marks, blemishes, making your skin flawless and radiant.

What is my opinion about Stay Quirky Liquid Foundation -03 Carry on Caramel?

Since I got nail polishes from the brand, and was quite happy with the result and the price paid, so thought of trying a foundation. Went online, compared various shade and finally got this shade which was closest to my skin tone. I was happy to buy because it was the most cheapest foundation which I came across.

But on the site, it shows that it offers the following Speciality:
Speciality: Ppd Free, SLES Free, Alcohol Free, Paraben Free, Peroxide Free, Acetone Free, Lead Free, Toluene Free, Hydrogen Peroxide Free, Sulfate Free, Hexane Free, SLS Free, Ammonia Free

It also says that imparts a matte finish to the skin, but as per my opinion it does not impart any finish. In the above image after blending the foundation, before and after you cannot literally make any difference, this foundation is basically a kind of moisturiser.

On the web site, it is said to offer below benefits:
Benefits: Long Lasting, Water Resistant, Light Weight, Fade proof, Hydrating, Sweat Proof, Smudge proof, Easy Layering
BUT non of the benefits are true, because you cannot make out any difference after application.

I tried applying 2 layers of the same, still no difference at all.


  • Pocket friendly.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Nothing is mentioned on the bottle but on the site, it says the product is free from the above mentioned chemicals


  • It doesn’t smell pleasant, smells like medicine.
  • It does not do any difference on application, should not be expecting anything from sheer coverage foundation , but it is kind of transparent, like a moisturiser.
  • Does not do the job well for a foundation.
  • No ingredient list mentioned on the bottle

Nail polishes are really good from this brand, but foundation isn’t. No way! I would not repurchase, nor recommend this to any one. I did not find it making any difference to my skin. Highly disappointed. Though the foundation is very economical, it should impart at least some results else no point in buying any product.

  • Final Score : 1.5/5

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