NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick – Pink Lust, Life’s a beach Review

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Hot pink lipsticks are my current favorites. It gives you the bold, vibrant girly, pinky looks. This shade which I have is more of a Barbie doll pink and I love it. So today I will be reviewing cream lipstick by NYX. 22 shades are available in this range in India and I have the shade Pink lust. Continue reading to know more about lipstick.
NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick Pink Lust


It comes in color coded packaging and black cap, with a doe-foot applicator. Usually, ingredient list does not come on the gloss lipstick, but in this case, the ingredient list is mentioned. I am so much in love with this shade.
NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick Pink Lust packaging

Price of NYX liquid suede cream lipsticks:

Rs. 850 for 4 ml of product. It is a little on the higher side for 4 ml of product. And my brother paid £9.97.

You can buy HERE

List of Ingredients:

As usual, the list includes all the complex set of ingredients.
NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick - Pink Lust, Life's a beach ingredients

This is how the hand swatch looks:

The texture of the liquid lipstick is not to thick unlike the L’Oreal lip paint nor to thin, it is just perfect. The lipstick dries in a perfect glossy-matte finish. Below is the swatch on how the color looks on my hand.
NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick Pink Lust swatch

This is how the lipstick looks on my lips:

NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick Pink Lust lip swatch

NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick Pink Lust

What is my opinion about NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick – Pink Lust?

I asked my brother to get this shade for me from the UK. Being my younger brother, and me, asking him to do cosmetic shopping. Poor chap!! He had a tough time searching for this particular shade. He could not find it. And he was too shy to ask the salesgirl. Searched and searched. Finally, He gave up, he got me 2 Maybelline fit me foundation ivory shade and 1 L’Oreal infallible foundation and just grabbed 1 NYX lip product. And Bingo, that was pink lust. Even after buying the lipstick, he did not know that he got the shade that I wanted. Difficult for guys to do girlie kind of shopping and especially COSMETICS. And I love my brother for this.

Apart from this, coming back to the lipstick, It is extremely pigmented, lightweight lipstick. It is more of a Barbie doll pink color. I like it when the lipstick fades and then leave a stain on your lips. This lipstick leaves a beautiful pink stain on your lips. It makes your lips appear fuller. I am in soo much love with this shade, similar shade is also available in L’Oreal infallible lip paint, but I did not like it much because of its texture. At times I apply a purple color lipstick and on top of the purple lipstick I apply this pink l*st, the end result of the shade is extremely gorgeous. It is a nice pinkish-purplish shade.

Following is the list of why I loved lipstick.


  • Extremely pigmented. So one stroke application does the job well.
  • Makes the lips look fuller.
  • Leaves a glossy finish for a long time.
  • Mighty impressed with the staying power, 7 to 8 hours or more with light meals.
  • Leaves a beautiful stain when the color starts fading.
  • Hydrating on the lips does not dry out lips.
  • Almost 80% transfer-proof.


  • Price can be an issue.
  • It may not sustain heavy oily meals, but yeah, it imparts pink stain to the lips.


It is a shocking pink, vibrant colour. Would definitely try out other shades from this range. NYX cosmetics deliver the results, may be a little on the pricey side then the other drugstore brands. But worth the price paid.  This shade is similar to L’Oreal Paris , LIP PAINT/Matte, 202 King Pink. You can check the review HERE, but I love NYX more.

Edit 1:

Since I mentioned I would be getting more shades I got another one Life’s a beach.

NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick Life's a beach
Life’s a Beach
NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick Life's a beach

Hand swatch:

On my hand, the lipstick looks pretty good but not on my lips.

NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick  Life's a beach review

Lips swatch:

It is a n*de-peachy color which bright and loud. Personally I am not able to carry it off well. I did not like this shade much. But since I already got it, I had to use it somewhere or the other, I don’t like wasting makeup. It looks good when you apply on other darker lipsticks especially only in the center for the extra dimension. But alone it stands out too much on my lips.

NYX LIQUID Suede cream lipstick life's a beach swatch

So guys let me know what you think about the lipsticks in the comment section below.

Rating: 4.6/5

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