My take on Maybelline Python Metallic Lip Kit – 25 Valiant

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Today I will be reviewing the product which almost all girls like and are important part of makeup. No matter how much ever eye makeup, blush, contour, highlighter you apply the makeup is incomplete without lipstick. Today I have a Metallic Lip Kit by Maybelline New York. Continue reading to know more. There is a total of 7 shades available on nykaa.

Python Metallic Lip Kit 25 Valiant

Price: It costs Rs. 650/- for 2.7g of product. It consists of 1.5g of lip color and 1.2g of metallic powder. But I got this palette for a 50% discount and had to pay Rs. 325/-

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Packaging: It comes in a black cardboard box which you have to slide the palette. It can be used for 24 months after opening and expires on January 2021. Once you slide the palette out, it is a gorgeous black palette with Maybelline printed in the front, once you open the palette you get two colors, one is the lipstick and other is the metallic powder.

Ingredient list: It is mentioned on the box as well as the palette.

Direction for use:

  1. First, apply the lip color on your lips with the help of a lip brush or fingertips as mentioned in the box. But I feel fingertips do not give precise application, so the brush is preferred.
  2. You can apply the powder with the help of your fingertips.

How the product looks:

  1. Hand swatch:

Lip swatch:

Step 1: After applying the first coat, it looks like this. Beautiful purple-lavender color. It looks extremely gorgeous to be worn individually.

Step 2: After applying the metallic powder it adds the extra dimension to your lips.

What is my opinion about Maybelline Python Metallic Lip Kit – 25 Valiant?

I was scrolling through Maybelline products and I wanted a purple shade of lipstick since all my lipsticks were mostly pink and red. I came across this metallic lip kit, it immediately caught my attention and also it was on 50% discount. There was a red and metallic combo and pink and metallic combo and the one which I purchased, these 3 palettes I was confident of wearing. The remaining shades were dark green, royal-navy blue, a black and metallic shade that accompanied them. I was damn sure I wouldn’t be able to carry them well. However, those shades are ideal for parties, theme parties or if you have a college event and want a dramatic or Gothic look then you can try them. Extremely bold and beautiful colors.


  • You can wear the lipstick or the step 1 of the lip kit individuality
  • Extremely moisturizing
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • The lip powder can be used with other lipsticks, it looks extremely gorgeous.
  • It adds the extra dimension to your lips.
  • Pink, red and purple shades anybody can carry off well.


  • The lip kit does not come with a mirror, still, this point can still be ignored.
  • It does not come with a lip brush. This point cannot be ignored, because step 1 i.e. the lipstick you cannot apply it with your fingertips. At least average quality brush, the brand should have provided considering the price. Anyways I got it for a discount, so I think I should not grumble much😛

Since it did not come with a lip brush I used the Vega lip liner brush. This brush is useful for very precise applications. It might take time in filling the lips but works well for outlining them.

Vega Lipliner Brush

Summary: From price point, it is slightly on the higher side. But it is on discounts most of the time on Nykaa. I really loved the shade as well as the concept of applying the lipstick followed by the lip powder which adds an extra dimension, extra drama to your lips. But some shades are extremely bold which might not be suitable for daily use. Overall I would definitely recommend.

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Final Score: 4/5

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