Dior POISON Girl Unexpected Eau de Toilette Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing a perfume. Yet again I did not buy the perfume, it was a gift by my loving brother. Now I feel whatever perfumes that I am using are mostly gifts. Continue reading to know more about Poison perfume for ladies.

Dior POISON Girl Unexpected Eau de Toilette

The poison girl unexpected is Eau de Toilette. It is a variant of fragrance that contains a lesser percentage of essential oils than Eau de Parfum and hence less expensive than Eau de Parfum. It is said to contain 5 to 7% of fragrance and said to last a little longer than cologne and shorter than Parfum.

Packaging of Dior Poison Girl Unexpected:

It comes in a lovely holographic carton box with a light pink hint on it. The fragrance is bold, sensuous, sexy and sweet as well. The bottle is the same as the poison and hypnotic poison bottle. Classy and elegant with a dark amber-colored or blackish cap.


Since it was a gift by my brother, whatever be it he does not tell me the price. So I checked on the Indian site the price was Rs. 8238/- HERE.

On Dior site it is $78, you can check HERE

But I am sure, the price in-store will definitely be less. It is a 100ml bottle. The bottom of the bottle is again dark-colored. It’s a stylish bottle.

quantity Dior POISON Girl Unexpected Eau de Toilette


Below is the list of all ingredients.

ingredients Dior POISON Girl Unexpected Eau de Toilette

What is my opinion about Dior POISON Unexpected Girl Eau de Toilette?

Since it was a gift, it always holds a special place in my heart. And my brother is special to me. Coming back to perfume, this variant was launched in 2018. Due to the presence of Vanilla, it smells sweet. I feel when you apply the perfume, you can smell vanilla more.

Dior POISON Girl Unexpected Eau de Toilette review

Top notes: Ginger, Blood orange and lemon.

Heart notes: Damask rose.

Base notes Vanilla, tonka bean, cashmere, and hazelnut.


  • It lasts for more than 4 hours. But if you sniff your clothes, you can smell the same even the next day. I know I’m sounding a little gross here.
  • The atomizer works really well, you can control how much you spray depending upon how hard you press.
  • You can wear the same for night parties. You would smell classy, sensuous, flirtatious.
  • I feel this fragrance is suitable for all age groups. It is contemporary and youthful.
  • Another thing which I liked about this perfume is it’s not overly sweet and mildly floral.


  • Huge price tag.
  • Usually perfume bottles with huge price tags, the bottles are attractive and unique but this one was okay.
  • Being Eau de Toilette, re-application is required.


I liked the perfume smell. The lasting power is comparatively lower than Eau de Parfum. It is a fragrance which you can wear for parties etc. But it comes with a big price tag, after all, DIOR. Stores might offer less comparatively. Rs. 1000 or 2000 less. Overall I recommend this Eau de toilette.

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Rating: 4.5/5

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