My take on Bella Voste Ulti-Matte Liquid Lipstick – Wild child 06

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Today I am writing the detailed review of one of the product received in the subscription box. It is Bella Voste Ulti-Matte Liquid Lipstick – wild child 06. There are 6 shades available in this range.

  • 01 Nude Love
  • 02 Mauve Nude
  • 03 Naked
  • 04 Cinnamon
  • 05 Rose Pop and finally
  • 06 is the shade which I have “Wild Child”

This is an extremely gorgeous red shade with impressive lasting power, and I am in love with this particular shade , so thought of writing a detailed review of the lipstick.

It comes in a silver coloured box with the list of ingredients, claims, expiry and other details mentioned. Once you open the box is the Ulti-matte lipstick in the see through container with a black cap and a doe foot applicator brush.

If you buy it individually it is Rs. 599 but I got it in one of the subscription box and the price of the box was Rs.399. When I  see a product by Bella Voste, I can’t stop myself from buying the subscription box. You can check the details HERE

It is vampy red colour. Slightly on the maroon side and ultra matte liquid lipstick. I am in love with the colour , it look so soo gorgeous on the lips. It is extremely pigmented, one stroke application lipstick.

List of ingredients:
As usual it has got a complicated list of ingredients. Along with paraben and Fragrance. These ingredients are almost common in all lipstick, except organic lipsticks or if stated otherwise.

But one positive thing is traces of Vitamin E.

– Silky Smooth and light weight texture
– Full Coverage with pure matte finish
– Long Lasting and transfer proof
– Vitamin-E for moisturising lips
– Excellent coverage and intense colour pay off
– One stroke application
– Perfect Adhesion
– Colour does not bleed on the lips

It also says Dermatologically Tested and Approved.

Following is the hand swatch:
Look at the swatch, it is just 1 stroke and it is so gorgeously pigmented. Let me know in the comment section, whether you liked the shade or not.

How the lipstick look on my lips:
Isn’t the lipstick looking gorgeous on the lips??

What is my opinion about the lipstick ?
As mentioned earlier, this was received in one of the subscription boxes and I was instantly in love with the shade. When I first applied the shade on my lips, I was like woah!! this is an insanely pigmented and a gorgeous shade. But as it starts drying into a matte finish, it is a bit drying on the lips, so exfoliating your lips is optional but moisturisation is a must.

Reasons why you should buy the lipstick.


  • The shade is really super pigmented, one stroke application.
  • Wait for around 30 seconds till it dries, then it is transfer proof.
  • Lasting power is like forever. It last for 6 hours or more depending on the meals.
  • It is true to almost all the claims. Full coverage with pure matte finish.
  • I has got excellent coverage with intense colour pay off.
  • Dermatologically tested.


  • It is little drying hence moisturisation is a must.
  • If you apply this lipstick and apply a balm over it, since it is super drying ,it will start fading off in patches and it will look patchy.

Apart from the drying issue it is a great lipstick, insanely pigmented, would definitely buy other shades of this range, it is good to receive the lipstick in subscription boxes as you get other products as well. Because If you go to buy the lipstick individually it is quite expensive. For the subscription box you pay Rs. 399 and you get this lipstick worth Rs. 599 and other other products.

  • Final Score: 4.2/5

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