Moonlyte Review – SCAM or Legit Freelance job site?

moonlyte make it work legit or scam

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On today’s date, due to Coronavirus, the economy is hit very badly and thousands of people have lost their jobs. So we try to search for jobs online. There are many freelancer job companies all over the world. Some are legit and they pay your money. Is Moonlyte – Make it work freelancer job companies worth giving a try? Is it worth your time and money? Yes! money. Continue reading to know how it works.

What is Moonlyte?

The Company says “Moonlyte is a platform where companies and freelancers team up to harness the potential of the gig economy for greater job satisfaction and better business outcomes”. Moonlyte is a freelance website in India. Since it is an Indian website it pays you in INR. It is founded by 4 people namely Nobby Nazareth, Samuel Selvakumar, Manikandan Ramasamy, Nicolai Nazareth. I saw a picture on their about page and the team is consisting of 21 people.

How does Moonlyte work?

Once you open you get two options.

  • I am a freelancer
  • I am a business

You need to select I am a freelancer. It will prompt for signup. For signing up you need your email address. Once you sign up you can see all the list of jobs. The following are a few examples of jobs that were displayed.

Moonlyte job advertisements

In order to apply for the jobs, you need to complete your profile.

It asks the following information.

  • Profile photo, cover photo
  • In your profile information, you need to write something about yourself. So you can write about your skills, experiences, etc.
  • There is a document option, wherein you can attach your certificates, but unfortunately, it wasn’t working when I tried to attach.
  • Then it has got skills options: Writing & Editing, Information technology, Design. You need to enter your experience.
  • Work experience.
  • Next is education details.
  • The next step is your bank details, account number, PAN card number which is mandatory without entering you cannot proceed. There is also an option to enter GSTIN (optional).

Then you need to verify the profile.

Moonlyte get your profile verified

For verification, you need to pay Rs. 50/- and once verification is complete you can apply for jobs.

What is my experience about Moonlyte – Make it work?

I came across this app on an Instagram ad. So I thought of giving a try. I thought this is a new app, so there will not be many freelancers, and applying and getting jobs would be easy.

Once I signed up I was happy to see good, simple yet paying jobs on this app. I followed the necessary steps. I completed my profile. Then I clicked on “GET VERIFIED“. This was what was displayed.

Moonlyte verification charges

I was disappointed in having to pay Rs. 50/-. It is not a matter of paying. But it is always a bummer for paying money before earning any. You can select the desired mode of payment.

So I selected the Wallet option and paid using the Freecharge wallet. And I received mail confirmation as shown in the below screenshot.

Moonlyte account verification payment

I was finally happy so that I can apply and earn some money. BUT it still showed GET VERIFIED. I got irritated and mailed their support. I did not get a reply so I messaged hem on Instagram. So the agent who handles the Instagram account informed they have already reverted back. I checked the spam folder and found the reply. The asked for a canceled check and PAN card copy. I sent the PAN card copy immediately since I did no have a checkbook. I applied for a checkbook in my bank and within 1 or 1.5 weeks I got the checkbook. And then I mailed the canceled cheque leaf.

So even after ha they still had some verification issues. The moonlyte team called me up and told me to modify certain things in my profile. I did the same and finally, my profile was verified 5 days ago. I applied for a few jobs but no revert from the company.

Final verdict: Legit or Scam?

The thing that I have noticed is most of the job vacancies are from DADANA TECHNOLOGIES. See the screenshot below. Out of 6 vacancies, 4 are from the DADANA Technologies. And if you have seen my payment receipt mail in the above screenshot, they are also from DADANA technologies. There are few other companies that have posted their ads.

So what I feel is the creator of Moonlyte has posted jobs with a high salary. That is not my concern, but my concern is no company has reverted back. Its been 7 days my profile is verified but not even a single company has reverted. So I am highly disappointed.

Only 36 job postings are listed, all over India and I wonder not even a single person has got the job? the same vacancies which were there in the month of June are still there. Arent anybody applying or the job listings are just fake?

Points to be noted:

  1. Only 36 vacancies are posted to date.
  2. Past 7 days no company has reverted back.
  3. You need to pay Rs. 50 for verification.
  4. The customer care does reply to you after 2 days, that’s normal I feel given the corona condition. Thankfully customer care exists.

Currently, I feel it is a SCAM. If any company that has advertised on the site reverts or if I earn money from I will definitely update my review.

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  1. Ananka

    Never heard of it 😐

    1. Joselle

      Because it is recently launched in India

  2. Kunal

    Thanks for sharing your experience. In this corona time they must have made a good amount by this scam.

    1. Joselle

      Yes, Indeed they take advantage of people. Thank you, Kunal for stopping by.

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