Miniso Heartful Lady Perfume Eau-De-Toilette – Detailed Review

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We all love smelling nice and fresh. So my today’s review is about a famous Japanese-Chinese brand Miniso which has thousands of stores worldwide. We all have heard about this brand somewhere or the other. And today I am going to review Eau-De-Toilette called Heartful lady.

Miniso Heartful Lady Perfume Eau-De-Toilette

Price of Miniso Heartful Lady Perfume:

It cost Rs. 250/- for 30 ml of product. It is made in China product. You can buy the product at any Miniso outlet in the mall. Or certain products are also available on the Amazon India site. But this perfume is not available.

Miniso Heartful Lady Perfume Eau-De-Toilette price


It comes in a cute white carton box having light pink hearts on it. The box comes with a thin film, once you remove the film all the detail like manufacturer, imported by, price, quantity, etc. goes. Once you open the box it comes in a transparent bottle with a frosted heart on it and the name of the perfume is mentioned. The packaging is very cute. All the miniso products are basically very cute.

Miniso Heartful Lady Perfume Eau-De-Toilette packaging
Miniso Heartful Lady Perfume Eau De Toilette
Heartful Lady Perfume

Ingredient list:

This is an alcohol-based perfume, as most of the perfumes. If you are allergic to alcohol perfumes, then this might not be the one for you. Even I get slight irritation with alcohol-based perfumes if I apply them underarms (I know it is not advisable to apply there, but back then, I did not know the correct areas of applying perfumes, so I used to apply in my underarm area, now also I do at times). But I prefer applying for my clothes. I also apply to my wrists and behind my ear lobes, I do not feel any irritation.

Directions for use:

Spray the perfume on your wrists, neckline, elbow and other pulse points to make it last longer.

Miniso Heartful Lady Perfume Eau-De-Toilette directions for use

What is my opinion about Miniso Heartful Lady Perfume Eau-De-Toilette?

I got the perfume when I went to Mumbai last month. I came across the Miniso store in one of the malls that I visited, I do not remember the name of the mall. There were really hell loads of cute stuff, starting from stationery, kitchen items, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. I only got this little cute bottle of perfume. I tried several other perfumes but I fell for this perfume instantly. It is really awesome. One more lady was there trying perfumes, she also liked this fragrance instantly.

Coming to the perfume, since it contains alcohol perform allergy tests first and then use it, in case if you have very sensitive skin.

The perfumes notes etc are not mentioned anywhere. It smells of vanilla, but not very strong. It also has a refreshing hint.


  • It is a sweet-smelling, yet a refreshing fragrance. I smell divine. It is not extremely sweet-smelling.
  • It is extremely affordable. Just Rs. 250 for 30ml of product.
  • True to product features, it is a romantic and sweet fragrance.
  • Compact size, travel-friendly
  • Cute packaging.


  • It should have been more lasting. The fragrance disappears within 1-2 hours of application.
  • Frequent application required.


I rated 3.5 stars out of 5 only because it does not last, otherwise, it is great. I would definitely recommend it if if you want to try it, it really smells amazing. It is affordable as well. Worth the try.

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Rating: 3.8/5

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