Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer Review

Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer

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The minimalist brand is very much hyped these days. It is hyped as it claims to be clean and transparent skincare. It is also the talk of the town mainly because the packaging is similar to “The ordinary” skincare. Does minimalist deliver the results that it claims? Is it worth the hype? Let’s discuss Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer.

Claims of Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer:

It is a skincare company claiming for transparent skincare. It is said to fulfill 6 clean beauty promises. No Fragrance, No silicones, 0 parabens, No essential oils, No dyes, and 0 Sulfates. I checked their website for further information about Sepicalm + oat moisturizer. It is a moisturizer that hydrates softens and soothes skin without a heavy, shiny, or oily feel. The Sepicalm + oat moisturizer is suitable for normal, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. It is said to be a perfect blend of hydrators, occlusive, and emollients for all-day moisturization. It is non-comedogenic.

Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer claims


Minimalist was kind enough to send me this product. However, the review is based on my personal experience with the product. Also, the company clearly mentioned to me to give my honest opinion and not to write positive reviews to please the company. I write reviews for my readers and I am not partial towards any brand.

Price of Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer:

I had to pre-order this moisturizer. It was launched on 4th December. The cost is between Rs. 345/- to Rs. 349/- for 50ml of magic. And you can use it within 11 months from the date of manufacture. Now you do not have to pre-order. It is available. If you purchase from THIS LINK you will get 15% off on your first order.

Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer price

Packaging of Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer:

It comes in a black box and the box has loads of information. Indeed it is transparent skincare. The company has not hidden any of its ingredients. Once you open the box there comes a plastic black color jar. Once you open the lid there is one more secure lid. The only issue I thought with the packaging was it should have been a tube or pump. You have to dip your fingers which I find unhygienic.

Minimalist sepicalm oat moisturizer ingredients:

Sepicalm 3%: is Sodium Cocoyl Amino Acids & Sarcosine & Potassium Aspartate & Magnesium. It comforts and soothes irritated skin and calms redness caused by UVA / UVB radiations. pH 5-6. Sourced from Seppic, France.

Aqua/Water is the base ingredient. Oat kernel extract reduces the size of pores, fight dull skin, and helps to improve the texture of your skin.

Squalane is one of the emerging ingredients in the cosmetic skincare world. It has many benefits including anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness. It balances oil production by skin, to keep the skin clear and healthy. Squalane also has got anti-aging properties.

Glycerine, anhydroxylitol, xylitol, polyglutamate are humectants that allow the skin to retains moisture. It treats dry skin.

Xylithyglucoside, magnesium aspartate acts as a hydrator that provides moisture to the skin.

Sodium cocoyl amino acids are used to refine skin texture to give a smooth texture to the skin. used for treating signs of aging.

Sarcosine is used to enhance the penetration of other ingredients in the skin. Potassium aspartate for absorption.

Shea butter has got softening properties. It makes your skin soft and supple. Oat flour helps in soaking excess oil.

Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer ingredients

What is my opinion about Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer?

I was pretty much impressed with the concept of transparent skincare. There are many companies in the market who sell products in the name of Ayurveda or herbal and do not disclose their ingredients. Minimalist has disclosed each and every ingredient on the box, jar, and their official website.

When I first used the product I took the same amount as I used for other moisturizers. I found it a little heavy on my skin and my skin felt oily. So next time while applying I reduced the amount to half the size and it worked perfectly well. Initially, I feel the moisturizer is a tad bit heavy on the skin and the feeling goes within a few minutes when it is absorbed by the skin. It moisturized my skin for the entire day.

Products are available on their official website, Nykaa and amazon.

Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer texture and consistency


  • A little goes a long way. I guess it will take months to finish the jar.
  • No fragrances. Many companies hide some of their ingredients in the name of the fragrance. I am glad that this one does not contain any.
  • It can be used AM and PM.
  • Suitable for normal, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.
  • No parabens
  • No sulfates and other harsh chemicals.
  • Transparency when it comes to ingredients.
  • The website has provided very detailed information about each product.
  • Does not contain any dyes.
  • No silicones.
  • Provides a good amount of moisturization. Ideal for winters.
  • It is a unisex product.
  • Suitable for the age group of 16+
  • This is a non-comedogenic moisturizer i.e. it does not clog pores.
  • Affordable considering the quality(promising set of ingredients) and quantity.
  • Indian market does not have many creams with sepicalm as the key ingredients.


  • Tub packaging, which makes it unhygienic. It more of a concern because it is a face cream.
  • Though mentioned on the website in the specification point suitable for oily skin, I feel it does not suit oily skin.
  • Tad bit heavy if you apply excess.


I loved this moisturizer except for the cons mentioned. I hope the next batch of moisturizer the company may change the packaging. While applying one needs to take care not to use excess then it becomes slightly heavy on the skin. I feel oily skin beauties may not like this. I highly recommend minimalist sepicalm 3% + oat moisturizer for all except for oily skin people. Did you try this moisturizer? Or any other product from this brand? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Rating: 4.4/5

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