Juicy Chemistry Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm Review

juicy chemistry lip balm

Hello beauties.

I hope you all are doing well. This situation is really bad here and please stay home. Stay safe. I advise you to spend on products if actually needed, else can totally skip it. I personally have reduced online shopping. So, today we are going to discuss a very famous brand called Juicy Chemistry. And I have with me Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm. Let’s dive into the product details.

Juicy chemistry claims:

The juicy chemistry Tuscany lemon and green tea lip balm is said to be designed to treat Tanned & Chapped Lips. Taken from their website “This deeply hydrating and nourishing lip balm is made with essential fatty acids-rich plant oils such as Argan and Avocado oils. Essential oils such as Spearmint and Lemon are rich in antioxidants and protect the lips from free radical damage. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants as well.” Also, Juicy Chemistry is said to be cruelty-free, Hand made, freshly made, no synthetic fragrance oils, no colours added.

Juicy Chemistry as a whole is ECOCERT certified. Which is an organic certification founded in France. It does not contain preservatives. No petrochemicals. GMO Free, GMO stands for the genetically modified organism. When products are labelled GMO free, it means the makeup of the plants and animals is not genetically modified.

Juicy Chemistry Tuscany Lemon and Green Tea Lip Balm reviews

Juicy Chemistry lip balm price:

You get 5 grams of lip balm for Rs. 310/-. This is my first purchase from the brand. There are many lip balms that cost lesser than this one. So I always skipped this one and tried others. This time I wanted to buy something from this brand. After receiving the lip balm I realised 5 grams will last quite some time. You can purchase from THIS LINK to get some rewards, even I will get some discount next time I buy from the website.

Juicy Chemistry Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm price

Packaging of Juicy Chemistry Lip balm:

First of all, I absolutely adore this packaging. It comes in a carton box. But the carton box feels of different quality. Superior kind of quality. Once you open the box the cute little lip balm is sitting inside. It comes in an amber-coloured glass bottle with a silver coloured twist cap.

Juicy Chemistry Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm packaging

Juicy Chemistry lip balm Ingredients:

Juicy Chemistry Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm

What is my opinion about Juicy Chemistry Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm?

The Juicy chemistry lip balms come in 3 variants. Blood Orange & Rosehip Lip Balm for pigmented lips, Damask Rose & Fig Lip Balm that treats dry and chapped lips and the one that I got Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Lip Balm for tanned and chapped lips. All the 3 variants have different prices. And the cheapest was the one that I got. I was hesitant to buy expensive lip balm. Affordability is subjective. I always have dry lips. It would fulfil my purpose so grabbed this for a discounted rate of Rs. 279/- instead of Rs. 400 for Damash rose variant.

This brand is a Certified organic brand. Free from harsh chemicals and you get fresh products. This lip balm is extremely good. When you apply it on your lips it gives moisture and hydration for a good amount of 4 plus hours. If the lip balm fades off from your lips due to consumption of food the moisturisation still remains.

It smells like Wrigley chewing gum, so tempting to eat. I absolutely love the fragrance. The brand says that they do not add any artificial fragrance and the fragrance is from the ingredients. So I can imagine so concentrated the product might be for such an amazing smell. The artificially added fragrance also do not meet the quality. Loved it.

Juicy chemistry is free from petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are derived from petroleum or natural gas. They are widely used in the cosmetic industry as they have moisturizing properties. Though it has a vaseline petroleum jelly-like consistency, it does not contain petrochemicals. Impressive!


  • It has a lemony kind of refreshing fragrance.
  • This tub will last for quite some time.
  • Moisturizes the lips for good 4 plus hours. My dry and dehydrated lips love this lip balm.
  • Even when the lip balm fades or goes from the lips, the moisturizing effect remains.
  • Juicy Chemistry is veg and cruelty-free brand.
  • No fragrance oils.
  • Artificial colours and flavours are not added.
  • Freshly made. This is something I like about the brand. Make, sell make more.
  • No petrochemicals.
  • Certified organic and sulfate-free.


  • My concern is I have to dip the finger in the jar and apply. Slightly troublesome with long nails. Also, a matter of hygiene.

Question/ Curiosity:

My question is it possible for products not to have preservatives? Or are there any natural kind of preservatives? Because the product should last at least for a period of 6 months. 2 to 3 months in-store or until the product is sold and 2 or 3 months for the consumer to use the product. My readers, please guide me in the comment section below.


Once you open the jar, I would recommend finishing the jar at one go. Do not open the jar, use it for some time and keep it. Try other lip balms and then switch back to the opened jar. There are high chances of the product losing its efficacy. Since Juicy chemistry claims not to contain any preservatives. I would 100% recommend this lip balm for anyone having dry and chapped lips. This brand makes me want to try more products from them. I will surely try when things get better. I wish the products were more affordable for users like me.

Ratings: 4.8/5

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