January Glossybox 2023, honest opinion. Is the box worth it?

Glossybox January 2023

Hello, my beauties.

I hope you all are doing well. I am also great and very happy. Today I’m writing about my experience with January month glossybox review. The theme of this month is new horizons. New year, new beginnings, new horizons, interesting theme.

Price of Glossybox:

The price of a Glossybox monthly rolling subscription is £13.50. If you buy 6 months or 12 months box then you save more. But it is a one-time payment. Since it is a one-time payment I prefer the monthly rolling subscription. 

If you buy from THIS LINK I will get a small commission without any additional cost.

Products received in January 2023 Glossybox:

For the month of January, I received 5 products and 1 tiny sample size product of 1 or 2 ml sachet. Let us get into the details of each product received.

1. 111Skin Cryo De puffing Eye Mask:

The first product I received in the box was from a luxury brand 111SKIN. It’s my first product from this brand. This brand is too expensive for my budget. And I am very happy to receive the 111SKIN cryo de-puffing eye mask. The cost of this product is £12 which is almost equal to the price of the glossybox.

while writing the review I thought of trying out the mask. This is unlike all the other sheet masks available in the market. I wanted to know what a £12 mask would do to my under eyes. I wanted to know the difference. Yeah, this mask is totally different. It gives a cooling sensation to your under eyes and the cooling effect lasts a long time after removing the mask. I kept it for around 23 to 25 minutes. The instructions said 20mins. I thought I using £12 in 20mins so I kept it a bit longer. Overall loved the under-eye mask. I would love to receive more 111SKIN products in glossybox. If glossybox ever comes up with an exclusive 111SKIN product box, I’m definitely going to grab one.

111Skin Cryo De puffing Eye Mask

2. We are Paradox detox hair mask:

The fragrance of this hair mask is amazing but it is very strong. So the fragrance could be bothersome for some people. But personally, I liked the fragrance. If you are planning to leave the Paradox hair mask overnight the fragrance needs to be kept into consideration. The cost as per the catalogue is £15. Most of the products especially the travel sizes do not come with proper instructions. This hair mask came with proper instructions. This can be applied to wet hair or dry hair. It can be left for 30 minutes before showering or it can also be left overnight as a deep mask. I applied this hair mask to my dry hair 30 mins before showering. First I rinsed the hair mask and applied shampoo to the roots of my hair. I skipped the conditioner because I wanted to see the results of the mask. And the results were amazing, my hair was soft and manageable. My hair ends are bleached and very rough so I am happy with the mask. Would probably buy products in the future from the “we are Paradox” brand.

We are Paradox detox hair mask

3. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser:

For this product there are three options and all three are of the Cetaphil brand. The first option is the one that I received a gentle skin cleanser worth £1.5 which is 29ml. I have dry skin so I am happy to receive this product.

The second option is a cleanser for oily skin and the price is the same which is £1.5 and the third option is a daily defence moisturizer with SPF 50.

I have been living under the rock, hence I have never tried products from Cetaphil. I am waiting for my current face wash to run out then will try this one. Previously I used to try all the products that I receive. Then I stopped because if I opened one product then I would forget about the opened product and start using the new one and finally remember the opened product after it is expired or out of shelf life. Now I have also stopped purchasing makeup palettes, lipsticks etc because I feel I m over buying stuff and underusing them. Just the glossybox subscription to pamper me at a reasonable rate.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

4. Grace and Stella Exfoliating Dermaplanting Tool:

I use facial hair removal razors quite frequently. Since I have PCOS my facial hair growth is much much faster. I have used several facial razors and this one from Grace and Stella is my current favourite. No tension of cuts, as with my previous facial razor I had to be very careful. The Grace and Stella razor removes the dead skin, it is very satisfying. The cost of this product (2 facial razors) is £20, which is quite expensive than most of the facial razors available. I checked the official website of Grace and Stella and all their products are costly comparatively. So it is a very nice feeling when I receive expensive products in Glossybox.

Grace and Stella Exfoliating Dermaplanting Tool:

5. Wunder2 Lip Scrub:

The cost of this lip scrub is £17.95. It functions like a normal lip scrub. I feel £17 is way expensive, you get better products for the same price range. I wouldn’t buy this product for £17 but I am okay to receive this product in Glossybox. It has a retractable twist packaging, like that of lip liners. So no messy application of using fingers to apply. It removes the dead skin leaving behind soft lips like most of the lip scrubs available in the market.

Wunder2 Lip Scrub

6. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Anti Wrinkle Serum:

This is a sample size, one-time-use pack. The product description is not on the catalogue as well. The price of L’Oreal Paris serum is not mentioned. It is a freebie, which you can try and if you like the consistency of the serum and how it feels on your skin then you can buy the bigger size. Obviously, results will not come in a single use.

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Anti Wrinkle Serum

My thoughts on January 2023 glossybox:

Total worth of January 2023 Glossybox is £12 + £15 + £1.5 + £20 + £17.95 = £66.45

My favourite products were the Paradox hair mask and 111skin eye mask. Total worth the money kind of products. The value of the box is much more than I paid. I liked the products that I received.

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