Is HeedYou Really Worth Joining? Full Review

HeedYou is a website where a company can advertise in order to gain traffic or an individual can also earn. Today we will be discussing how we can earn through the Heedyou website. The earning part is PTC, tasks and surveys. PTC is simply get paid to click. Let’s dive into the details of this website. We will see if make money online in 2021 works or not.

Brief introduction on Heedyou:

Heedyou is a “make money online free” website. HeedYou is said to be launched in 2012. As mentioned in the introduction it has 2 aspects: Advertise and Earning. If you are a company and want traffic to your blog, website then you can sign up. Their payment plan starts with a minimum package of $5.

But our main point of discussion is how can we earn from this website? And how much can we earn? And whatever we can, do we actually get paid? The first and foremost thing is we need to sign up. Set a unique password.

How it works:

Heedyou had three ways to make money. Watching ads, performing tasks and answering surveys. You need to perform the given tasks to earn money. Sounds simple right? Yes, it is simple. But the amount they pay you is just negligible. But at the same time, the payout options are quite good. They have PayPal that is widely used. Heedyou also has Payeer and Skrill. The minimum payout is $1 for PayPal and Payeer. And $5 for Skrill. They also have a processing fee. PayPal processing fee is 2%. Payeer is 10% and Skrill is $0.6 fixed.

1) View ads:

You can earn money by viewing ads. There are 4 different types of ads. Before you start viewing the ads they provide a tutorial on what is to be done. after viewing the ads you need to validate that you are not a bot by solving a simple captcha. The captcha could be clicking on the image that is upside down or entering the text.

The first type of ad is called GLANCE. When you click on the ad, it opens a new window. And you need to view the ad for 5 seconds. And solve the captcha. Then you get $0.0004 to $0.0005 in your Heedyou account. The captcha is of 2 types, first one is 5 images are given and you need to click on the inverted image. Pretty simple. The second type is you need to enter the text given. But I’m never able to see the text. I’m not sure if it is a browser issue or not.

The below image is from my account. I did not login into my account for a couple of days hence I got so many ads. Usually, I get a maximum of 8 to 10 Glance ads. The interface is pretty simple.


Heedyou view ads glance ads

The second type of ad is INTRODUCTION ads. These ads you need to view for 20 seconds. Followed by captcha solving. For these ads, you get $0.001.

Heedyou view ads introduction ads

The third type of ad is INSPIRATION ads. There are also DELIGHT ads but all the time it says no ads at this time. The inspiration ads you get at the most one ad per day or once in two days. It pays more than Introduction ads i.e. $0.005. This ad tour needs to view for one minute followed by captcha solving. Delight ads I never came across. Even on the website, before you log in there is no sample of Delight ads.

Heedyou view ads inspiration ads

2) Tasks:

The second way that you can earn is by performing tasks. These tasks are offered by 5 different companies. Here you need to perform the tasks like installing apps like gaming apps and reaching a certain level within certain days then they credit you coins. 10 coins = 1 cent.

Heedyou tasks

The following are the example of tasks that appear. You need to install the below apps. But I did not try installing the same. Because as per my experience with other platforms, they seldom put the points. I was always disappointed so this time I did not. If any of you guys tried installing and if they gave you coins, please mention them in the comment section below.

heedyou task points

3) Surveys

The third way that you can earn is by answering surveys. I tried answering surveys a couple of times and was disqualified. So after that, I did not answer surveys. Because they ask qualifying questions and whatever be it you tend to get disqualified. Surveys pay quite a lot like a minimum of $0.18 and a maximum of $1.4. But unfortunately, I never get qualified for the same.

heedyou surveys

How long will it take to earn your first $1?

So, I feel it will take pretty much a long time if you rely only on ads to earn your first dollar. Because the ads just pay very very little. Let’s take an example of earnings with glance ads, let’s consider the payments on the higher side i.e. $0.0005

$0.0005 X 250 ads = $0.1

So a total of 2500 ads will be needed to be viewed to earn $1.

The main question is not of viewing ads, but the number of ads you get a day. So a maximum of 8 to 10 days you get per day.

Introduction ads maximum of 4 and inspiration ads maximum 2.

So let us calculate per day earnings with 10 glance, 4 introduction and 2 inspiration ads:

= (0.0005 x 10) + (0.001 x 4) + (0.005 x 2)

= 0.005 + 0.004 + 0.01

Total = 0.019

So if you making $0.019 per day then you can make $1.007 in 53 days.

So far my earnings are as follows. I will use the app and see if they actually pay you, so stay tuned for the update. If any of you have already redeemed please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

heedyou earning balance


  • The interface is simple and clear
  • A minimum of $1 payout.
  • Different redeem options available. The convient one being Paypal


  • Few earning opportunities.
  • They pay very low for viewing the ads.

Final Thoughts:

I feel most of us will get frustrated with the earnings and will give up fast. That’s when the company makes money. Because you watch the ads and abandon the account before claiming. It will take hardly 5 minutes of your time per day. You may earn more if you are qualified for the surveys. If you are expecting to make loads of money, as shown on Youtube videos. Then you will be highly disappointed. They just over exaggerate the earnings and the above figures are the true earnings. Tried and Tested. I will update you soon on whether this “make money online” method works or not. Till then, stay safe.

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