How to download and install Metasploitable in Virtual box


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Welcome back. Today I am going to demonstrate how to install Metasploitable in the Virtual box. If you are into ethical hacking or you are starting your career in cyber security, then you may be required to install Metasploitable in your Virtual Machine.

What is Metasploitable?

The basic definition given on the website is “Metasploitable is an intentionally vulnerable Linux virtual machine”. It is used for penetration testing. You are not supposed to connect it to public or unknown network. As defined it is a intentionally vulnerable machine. It can be hacked easily.

Steps download Metasploitable:

When ever you download anything, please make sure you download from legit website. You can download Metasploitable from below mentioned link. It is around 865.1 MB in size. It will be a zipped file. You will have to extract the same. Once you open the below mentioned link you will get something mentioned like in Fig 1. Just click on it and file will start to download.

Steps download Metasploitable
Fig 1

How to install Metasploitable in Virtual Box:

Below are the steps assuming you have Virtual box on your system.

1)Extract the Metasploitable downloaded file:

Once you have downloaded the file from the above link. Extract the file. This is a very curial step otherwise the file will not be uploaded in the VM.

2) Click on the “New” Option as shown in the below image.

How to add Metasploitable to virtual machine

3)Name the System:

Once you click on New option, you will have to Name. In this case I put the name as “Metaexploitable”, I do not know what I was thinking, I named exploitable. Type: Linux and change Version: Other Linux (64-bit) and click on Next.

How to add Metasploitable to virtual machine name the operating system

4) Memory size:

By default it choose the memory size as 512MB. You can keep the default memory. You do not require more since it is is command line interface machine. And Click on Next.

How to add Metasploitable to virtual machine memory size

5) Choosing Hard disk:

By default it will be on the second radio button i.e. Create a virtual hard disk now. You will have to select “Use an existing virtual Hard disk file”. And then click on the yellow folder icon (marked with red arrow).

How to add Metasploitable to virtual machine hard disk

Once you click on the yellow icon, the next page will open up and you will have to click on add.

How to add Metasploitable to virtual machine adding hard disk

6) Select the Location where you had extracted and stored the file. It is a .vmdk file. Click on it. And then click Open.

How to add Metasploitable to VM

It is displayed under “Not Attached“. Click on “Metasploitable.vmdk” file and Hit the Choose button. You are using existing hard disk. That is present in the downloads without creating a new one.

7) The Installation is complete. Metasploitable is displayed on the left-hand side of the Virtual Machine.

To check if Metasploitable runs successfully, click on the START button. It will take a few seconds to start the machine and you will get Metasploitable login.

The default login username and password is on the website

Default login: msfadmin

Default password: msfadmin

How to add Metasploitable to virtual machine up and running

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