How to Add a font in Microsoft Paint

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This is my first geek post and today I will be sharing with you how to add a font in Microsoft paint. There are a variety of fun fonts available, but cannot figure out how to insert them in Microsoft Paint? Then you are in the right place.

We often write text on the images and want them to look attractive. So below are the steps on how to insert.

Paint has already predefined fonts. But these fonts might not be not appealing or you might want to add additional Google fonts.

Most of the times the web developers use other fonts apart from the predefined fonts to make their sites more pleasing to the users.
Paint uses the Windows library to get its fonts, which means that you will need to install the font to your computer system first. This tutorial will guide you to add Google font.

Before following the below-mentioned steps check the already predefined fonts so that you don’t download the font which you already have.

Detailed Steps:

Step 1:

Firstly go to Google fonts check for the fonts, there are around 915 font families available in Google fonts.

Step 1 How to Add font in Microsoft Paint

Step 2:

Select the font which you liked the most. In my case I chose pacifico, you need to type the same in the search option (denoted A in the below image). Next, you need to click on the plus symbol (denoted B in below image)

How to Add a font in Microsoft Paint download from google fonts

Step 3:

Once you click on the plus symbol you will get 1 Family selected. Next Click on the minus (-) symbol as in the below image.

step 3 How to Add a font in Microsoft Paint

Step 4:

Click on the symbol as shown in the below image and you will get the download option.

There are two options Embed and Customize

You can embed the font in the web pages, the code is already mentioned below. The CSS also the code is mentioned.

If you click on customize it shows whether the selected font is supported in various languages. For example, Cyrillic, Extended Latin, and Vietnamese are supported by Pacifico, whereas Latin is supported by all Fonts.

How to Add a font in Microsoft Paint

Step 5:

Once you click on download, the font will get downloaded on your system. I have created a folder on my desktop and pasted the zipped downloaded font file. Right-click on the downloaded zipped file and click on extract here.

How to Add a font in Microsoft Paint extract

Step 6:

Two files will be extracted i.e. OFL and Pacifico-Regular. Right-click on the font which you have selected, in my case it is Pacifico-Regular and clicks on the install button.

install the downloaded font

Step 7:

Once you click on install, it will take a few seconds for the font to get installed on your system. Then you can open Microsoft Paint and Tada! the installed font appears.

steps to How to Add a font in Microsoft Paint

The newly installed font not only appears in Microsoft paint but also in other applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc. The main advantage of using Google fonts is it can be used for both personal and commercial use.

Hope you found this article helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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