Good Vibes Argan Facial Oil with Silver leaves – Review

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I hope you all are doing well this year. I wanted to try good vibes products for a very long time but did not know what to order. On Good Vibes products are really hyped. I got this facial oil with silver leaves. The concept of silver leaves or gold leaves was pretty much fascinating for me. Good Vibes has a wide variety of facial oils but 2 types of Argan oils: Argan oil with gold leaves and secondly argan oil with silver leaves.

Price of Good Vibes Argan Facial oil with Silver Leaves:

It comes in various sizes. I got the smallest size. Good Vibes’ facial oil price is Rs. 99/- for 3ml. I got it for a further discount for Rs.59/-

The 10 ml bottle costs Rs. 285/- but it is always on discount.

price of Good Vibes Argan Facial Oil with Silver leaves
Rs. 99/- for 3ml

Packaging of Facial Oil:

Since it is the smallest size of 3ml it comes with a plastic twist cap and once you open the cap it has further another cap. Which prevents oil leakage and spillage. The bigger size comes with a dropper.

This is extremely cute and a tiny bottle with good vibes sticker on it. This bottle comes in a cardboard packaging with all details mentioned on it.

Argan Facial Oil with Silver leaves
Good Vibes Argan Facial Oil with Silver leaves packaging

Ingredients of Good Vibes Argan facial Oil with silver leaves:

Argan Oil is the primary ingredient. It has got many skin benefits including protecting skin from sun damage, moisturization, hydrates skin, prevent skin aging, etc. It also reduces stretch marks.

Silver Leaf helps in treating skin conditions such as acne, healing wounds, and skin infections.

Vitamin A helps in healthy skin cell production.

Witch Hazel is used to soothing sensitive skin. Hence I think this oil is suitable for all skin types.

Vitamin E nourishes the skin. Vitamin D delays skin aging but excess accelerates.

Good Vibes Argan Facial Oil with Silver leaves ingredients

Benefits of Good Vibes Facial oil:

  • Tighten pores
  • slows down the aging process
  • Controls acne

How to use a facial oil?

Take a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and dab it across your face until absorbed.


Natural ingredients may be irritating to some people so you need to perform a patch test.

Good Vibes Argan Facial Oil with Silver leaves benefits, how to use

What is my opinion about Good Vibes Argan Facial Oil with Silver leaves?

I tried out this cute little bottle for more than a week’s time. And since it had 3 ml of product it got over after more than a week usage. I thought of trying the smallest bottle, and if it is a good facial oil I thought of buying the bigger size. So when I first used it I found it very difficult for application as it was not getting easily absorbed by the skin. Even after massaging the skin it did not get absorbed. Following night I noticed a few tiny bumps on my skin here and there. I ignored the same and applied it again. It did not do any good to my skin the next morning. I tried it for a few more days just to make sure whether I got the pimples only because of the oil or not.

I made sure I did not change my face wash or moisturizer so that I can get a clear idea of whether the argan facial oil worked for me or not. But unfortunately, it did not work for me. I applied the remaining oil for my hands and finished it off as I did not want to spoil my face.

It failed for the 3rd claim itself of controlling acne. In fact, it was the opposite.

I cannot really comment on the claim of slowing down the aging process. That time alone will tell.

This oil might have suited many of you guys, do let me know your view and thoughts down in the comment section below.


  • Very affordable.
  • A promising set of ingredients.


  • Facial oil does not get absorbed easily.
  • It is slightly heavy on the skin.
  • It broke me out. I got a few pimples here and there, after the application of this oil.
  • The tiny packaging is not leakproof, hence not travel-friendly.
  • Failed the second claim of tightening the pores.


A no from my side. I wouldn’t repurchase the facial oil with silver or gold leaves from the Good Vibes range.

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Rating: 2/5

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(2) Comments

  1. Priyanka

    I had the same experience.i got a free bottle with my other purchases, so i used it ,read its good reviews. But didnt suited me as well, same red bumps strtd cmng and pimples..

    I had the same experience with its papaya face wash. Should i try more good vibes products?

    1. Joselle

      Hi Priyanka. I feel certain products do not suit our skin type. If you already have good vibes products then do a patch test first and then use else you can skip buying those products. Instead, save up and go for a better company product.

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