Glossybox Mystery Box Review

glossybox mystery box

Welcome back. Today I will be reviewing the mystery box by Glossybox. A promotional offer that was going on June month subscription box and a mystery box for £10. And it was free shipping as it was my first Glossybox ever. Let’s find out what are the contents of this mystery box.

Glossybox mystery box

Price of Glossybox Mystery box:

There are five different Mystery boxes available. the names are mystery box 1, mystery box 2… mystery box 5.

The prices are ranging from £5 to £15

You can place your GLOSSYBOX ORDER HERE

* I am affiliated with glossybox. It will not cost you anything but I will receive a small commission. It will mean the world to me.

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Products received in Glossybox mystery box June 2022:

Before I start with the product description that I received in the box, I did not receive any information card that described the individual worth of each product. So I visited individual product websites and did my math.

1) Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter:

The first product that I received is Illamasqua beyond powder highlighter. It is in the shade OMG.  This product that I received is not a full-size product. It is 2 grams. I checked the website of Illamasqua and the full-size product is 7 grams and is priced at £34.

There are no smaller sizes available on the website. So, if my math is correct then 34/7 = 4.857

4.857 x 2 = 9.7 approximately £10

I am not sure if Illamasqua is a Sister company or a partner company of glossybox.

glossybox mystery box illamasqua highlighter

The swatch of the highlighter. Please excuse my hairy hands. It is a pretty champagne shade and I feel 2 grams will last quite some time.

2) Ciate London Glow-To Illuminating Blush:

I checked the website but I was not able to find the shade that I received in the box. The shade’s name is matchmaker. On the website, the full size product is 4 grams priced at £22.

Again my math 22/4 = 5.5

5.5 x 2.5 =13.75 approximately £14

glossybox mystery box ciate london blush

It has very tiny shimmer particles, but not over the top. This blush is less pigmented. I had to dip my brush several times to get the colour on my cheeks. I am not that excited to receive this blush. Its okay product. Any one who agrees with me? The following is the blush swatch, the color is beautiful, but pigmentation is not that great.

3) The beauty crop, palm balm:

Can be used as a lip balm as well as cheek tint. It is in the shade  Color: Mauve Wave. A beautiful pink colour adding that perfect natural pink shade to your cheeks. It is a cream blush. I like this product more than the ciate London blush. This color and formulation is way more pigmented.

It is 4 grams in weight and £7 on their website.

The swatch is as follows

4) Mine tan Cucumber Hydrating Face & Body Tan Mist:

This again is a travel size product. But it is very much hydrating and refreshing. Again it is only 30 ml.

I checked the website and the full size product is 200ml priced at £17.99. Different size is available on the website, so I feel this was exclusively made for glossybox.

My math again not sure if it is right, I got the value 2.69 approximately £3.

5) SpiceBomb Infrared Viktor Rolf Eau de Toilette 1.2ml size

This was the smallest product. Just 1.2ml, these kind of samples they provide usually when we buy full sized perfumes. But the fragrance is amazing. I did not check the prize of this product, as the website mentioned on the sample was not opening. One time use.

My Thoughts:

  • Total worth of this box: £10 + £14 + £7 + £3 = £34, quite more than what you pay.
  • Just one full sized product, rest sample sizes, and perfume sample was just 1ml dissapointing.
  • Just because I paid £10 for both boxes, I am ok. But if I paid full amount for myster box of £15 I would be dissapointed. But most of the times they have discounts going on, on the mystery boxes.

Let me know your thought in the comment section.

Have a lovely day all x

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  1. Ananka

    These look like nice items in your mystery box. 😀

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    1. Joselle

      Hi Ananka, so good to see your comment on my blog. I am doing well 🙂 thank you

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