GLOSSYBOX July 2022 Products Received

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Welcome back and today’s post is about the products that I received in glossybox for the month of June. I am almost a month late in writing this review because I was busy with my Master’s dissertation, and here I am. Let’s get into the details. The following image is a glimpse of all the products that I received in the July box.

Products Received July Glossybox

Price of Glossybox:

The price of Glossybox is £13.25 if you purchase it every month. If you buy a longer subscription plan you get a discount.

You can buy the Glossybox product from THIS LINK. It is an affiliate link, which means you do not have to pay anything extra, but if you buy from the link, I will get some commissions.

Products received in Glossybox July 2022:

I received a total of six products and this month’s box. Following is the list.

1) Josephine Cosmetics Liquid Eyeline – Jolie Black

There were three lucky dips. You could receive The Color Pen Eyeliner 575 BROWN from 3INA, Ultra glow palette from Bellapeirre or Josephine Cosmetics Liquid eyeliner.

The cost of Josephine Cosmetics Liquid eyeliner is £19. But the Bellapeirre palette was £26 pounds. I wished I got the palette as it has 3 highlighter shades and 1 contour shade. I guess this product they mostly reserve for influencers with a very high following. Just saying. I am not sure though.

Josephine Cosmetic Liquid Eye liner

2) Balance Brave New Hair Soothing Scalp Tonic:

The price of the soothing scalp tonic is £15. I haven’t used any hair tonic before, so this is my first hair tonic product. It does not make my scalp oily. A decent product and I have not observed any differences after the application of the product. Like there is no less hair fall are other benefits. it is true to its claim of providing moisture without greasing. I feel 75ml is too small a size for the price of £15.

Balance Brave New hair tonic

3) Nails Inc Gel effect Polish Mayfair Lane

It is a full-size product with a price tag of £15 for 15ml. This is a beautiful colour, suitable to do any kind of nail art. Or it can be worn without doing any nail art on it. The quality of the nail polish is not that impressive as it starts chipping in three to four days. I do the regular housework of washing dishes cleaning etc, and this nail polish was not able to sustain without chipping. If purchased individually the cost being 15 pounds, I wouldn’t buy the same if it does not last even for a week without chipping. As the price increases so do my expectations. I’m I the only one who thinks like this? Please comment below.

4) Lip Lucky Dips: Revolution Beauty 101 Piece of Cake:

There were 6 lip products from Revolution Beauty and 1 lip plumper from elf. You would receive randomly one Lip product. I hoped for the lip plumper. But I received Sheer Lip priced at £4. This colour does not suit me. I just use it if I have to lessen the pigment of any lipstick. It gives a nice glossy finish. The following image has the swatch of the gloss attached. It is almost invisible on my skin.

5) Dessata Detangling Hair Brush:

The quality of this hairbrush is not that great, definitely not worth £8. I was going through the YouTube videos of the glossy box reveal. and I always like reading the comments section. So there was one comment which said this product quality is bad and we get brush is of much better quality from Poundland. And I agree completely with this comment. It does the job well of detangling your hair, but the plastic feels really cheap.

Dessata dedtangling hair brush

6) Glitterbels Nail File:

The price of this product is £1.2. although the price is almost £1, the quality of this nail file is amazing. It is also quite big unlike the other nail filers, and easy to find in my messy little makeup vanity.

My thoughts on July Glossybox:

The total worth of the products that I received are 19 + 15 + 15 + 4 + 8 + 1.2 = £62.2

That is quite a lot of value. But I feel some product prices were just over-exaggerated. So maybe the worth of the box is definitely lower than sixty-two pounds.

I have already received the August month subscription box as well. I will review it soon.

Till then, take care


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