Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box – May 2018 Box

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Today I am up again with an affordable subscription box. It contains products from renowned brands. Yes! Its the Glam Ego Monthly subscription box. This time the theme is Beauty Emergency Kit. Every month Glam Ego comes with cute packaging boxes. The box is of really good quality, you can use the box to store your makeup items, brushes, lipsticks, etc. Even the box can be used to store your jewelry. This time the box is with cute animal print.

Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box May 2018

This month the box had 5 products. It did not come with any shockproof packaging material.
Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box May 2018 contents

The cost of the box is Rs. 399 (1 month)

If you buy a long term plan, then it is much cheaper.

The other details are mentioned in the previous post. You can check HERE

The box can be ordered from the glamego box website HERE

Following is the info card:
Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box May 2018 info card

Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box info card

Following are the products which I received this month:

1)VOTRE Multi Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Creme “Night Infusion”:

This is the most expensive product out of the remaining products which were present in the box. As can be seen in the info card, the quantity of the product was specially designed only for this box. It is a 30ml product priced at Rs. 1550. Usually, it comes in 50ml size, priced at Rs. 2350. This is my first product from this brand.

This product claims to:

– Rejuvenate
– Hydrate
– Nourish skin

So far I have used the product 2-3 times and quite liked the product. Detailed tried and tested review will be out  soon.

Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box votre multi vitamin and rejuvenating night creme

Following are the claims and the directions for use of the product:

This creme is a nighttime moisturizer and is a blend of vitamins and loaded with antioxidants, which helps to moisturize and protect the skin. This creme is said to increase cell renewal in the skin and assist the skin in the regeneration process and delay pre-mature aging.

This seems to be a promising product. This creme has got a nice divine fragrance.  Nights creme are strict to be used only at night. It is said to be an Ayurvedic product and clinically proven.
Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box votre creme claims

2)ROHTO (Pimple + AID gift):

This is a Japanese Product. It is a pimple defense face wash. It is said to be mentho-cool. This face wash is said to remove 99% acne-causing germs, control skin heat and removes excess oil.

I have used the product, it has a very thick consistency, have to mix a little water and apply all over the face, in circular motions gently massage your face and rinse off with water. It gives a cooling sensation to the skin. I remembered polo mint. The best part I liked about this product is it control skin heat. The price of the product is Rs. 99. Overall a nice face wash.
Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box acnes pimple defense face wash

3) Sheer Secrets, Lip Scrub:

The third product which I received in the box is a lip scrub by sheer secrets. Its individual cost is Rs. 261. It is said to contain Rambutan, Dates, and Liquorice. It comes in a cute transparent jar, I have used the product. Firstly I really loved the taste of the product 😉 not recommended to consume but I really loved the taste. It has got all the natural ingredients including sugar cane extract etc. It removes the dead skin making lips soft and supple. Quite happy to receive this product. But I would not have got this product if I had to pay Rs. 261. Because it would have been a pricey affair to pay for a few grams of sugar and essential oils.

Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box seer secrets lips scrub

4)Bella Voste Sheer Creme lust lipstick – N*de Tease:

This is one of my favorite brand received in the subscription box. The products are really worth the price. And getting such great products in the subscription box is a steal deal. In this box, there is a choice to select the lipstick shade from 5 shades. I selected this light-pale pink shade. It has a soft creamy texture and glides easily on the lips.  It is for Rs. 225 for 4.2 grams of the product. Easy to apply, one-stroke application. It lasts for pretty 4 to 4.5 hours but does not survive heavy oily meals.
Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box bella voste sheer creme lipstick

Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box bella voste lipstick

5)Bella Voste, Nail Polish:

The price of this is nail polish is Rs. 249. You get a choice to select from a wide range of shades. I really loved this blue shade. This nail polish is said to be free from 9+ toxins. This Nail polish claims to last for 7 days. And I must say, it does last for 6 to 7 days with minimal or no chipping.

Glam Ego Monthly subscription Box bella voste nail polish

Final Verdict about the box:

This is an affordable subscription box priced at Rs. 399. And you get products worth Rs. 2350/- whcih is a steal deal. Highly recommend this box.

Rating: 4.5/5

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