Glam Ego Monthly subscription box- June

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Today I’m again with Glam Ego monthly subscription box for the month of June and the Theme of this month is “I’m not regular Stree (Hindi for Lady)”. And this month I have received 4 products. Again the thing which made me buy this box was the brand Bella Voste. This month the box is quite bright and attractive orange color with the products inside. The box is of really good quality, you can use it for storage purposes.

Once you open the box, you get info cards and the discount coupon code cards. This is how I received the products, in perfect condition.

The cost of the box is Rs. 399 (1 month)

If you buy a long term plan, then it is much cheaper.

The box can be ordered from HERE

Following is the info card:

Following are the products which I received for the month of June:

1) Bella Voste Lip contour kit:

This lipstick was the sole reason why I thought of purchasing the box.  It is a lip contour kit. It comes with a lipstick and a lip liner. On the info card, it is mentioned that this particular kit is not yet available in the market. It will be launched from next month onward. Once you place an order for the box, you get a separate mail to choose the shade. I chose the shade “Victorian”.

Individual price: RS.1149

It is a beautiful wine color. The lip liner is extremely pigmented. The lipstick you need to swipe multiple times on the lips for the colour to pay off. Bella Voste does not disappoint me. The lipstick is said to have argan oil. The application of lipstick is a little difficult as it does not impart color in a single swipe. The lasting power of the lip liner is more than the lipstick. I will write a detailed review of this soon. You can choose the shade of your choice.

2)Vert Love Portion, solid Perfume:

The second thing which attracted me to buy this box is solid perfume. I had never tried solid perfumes before.

Individual cost: Rs. 1000
That’s quite a lot. The consistency of the perfume is the same as Vaseline petroleum jelly, but a little thinner than the petroleum jelly. It comes in caution note, you need to store it at 25 degrees. Below that it melts as it has got cocoa butter, oils, and Beeswax.

You can apply this perfume on your pulse point, behind the ear. It has got a strong mogra, jasmine fragrance, which is not my personal favorite. It does not give a very empowering smell but you feel fresh and pleasant smelling. The smell lasts for pretty for 4 plus hours.

3) Aroma Magic Coffee bean scrub:

This scrub smells amazing. Coffee is my personal favorite, the smell is really good. As we all know that Aroma magic is a brand that is 100% free of harsh chemicals, alcohol, paraben, sulfates, artificial coloring, and fragrance.

This scrub claims to revive, fight aging, and impart a glow. It is said to consist of a blend of lemongrass, grapefruit, and juniper berry essential oils. You need to apply the scrub and after scrubbing your face, it is recommended to leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse. The scrub is very fine, with no coarse particles. Overall happy to receive this product.

The individual cost of the product is Rs. 75. I feel it is a sample size unit.

4) SESA Ayurvedic hair oil:

This oil is said to be 100% herbal, no mineral oil, no chemicals. It has got a strong smell. I had heard many good reviews about this oil before. I have used this oil twice, I will use it frequently and then write a detailed review of the oil.

Individual cost: Rs. 130


You get much more than what you pay for, you just pay Rs. 399 and you get products worth Rs. 2354/- Quite a steal deal. This time they have included good brands and essential products.

Rating: 4.5/5

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