Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition

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Today I am going to be reviewing one of the beauty box subscriptions India. And it’s none other than Ellish Box October 2019 edition. So basically every month you receive 4 to 5 products. Full-sized products or exclusive Ellish Box products i.e. the size might not be full. It mostly contains makeup and skincare products.

Price of Ellish Beauty Box:

Monthly Subscription: Rs. 399/– plus free shipping

Quarterly Subscription: Rs. 1047/- plus free shipping. (You save 12%)

Half Yearly Subscription: Rs. 1914/- plus free shipping. (You save 20%)

Annual Subscription: Rs. 3588/- plus free shipping. (You save 25%)

In other words, you save more if you go for a longer subscription. I got the monthly subscription. Ellish Box is one of the cheapest subscription boxes in India with good quality products.

The box can be ordered from their official site www.ellish.in

Info card:

This month’s concept was to make your own Box. Mid anniversary edition. You had to pre-book the box because the boxes get sold too fast. Let’s get into details, what products you had a choice to choose and which products were included in the box. The interesting part was you receive products worth Rs. 4600/-. A sample product and Diwali gift were also included.

Ellish Beauty Subscription box October 2019 product catalogue

Following are the products which I received in my Ellish Beauty Subscription Box India October 2019:

It comes in a cardboard box. And all the products were nicely bubble-wrapped. No products were damaged.

Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition

1. Nelf USA HD Liquid Highlighter:

The first product that they provided was the HD liquid highlighter. There were 3 choices of shade you could select from. Passion, s*duction, and impression. I chose the second shade, but nowhere on the bottle, the shade name is mentioned.

This product is worth Rs. 699/- which is much more than the cost of the box itself. I am happy to receive this highlighter.

Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition Nelf USA HD Liquid Highlighter

It is a beautiful silver color highlighter and has got a hint of like unicorn pink color. Look extremely gorgeous. I have not tried it on my face. Will write a detailed review soon. Below is a direct swatch, without blending.

Nelf USA HD Liquid Highlighter

2. Votre Under Eye Creme (full size):

The second product which everyone will receive in the October Ellish box is the Votre eye creme. But looking at the size, it does not look a full-sized product.

I am not at all happy to receive this product. It says the cost of the product is Rs. 1760/-. But I did not feel so. Do let me know in the comment section what you felt about this product.

Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition Votre Under eye cream

It is so tiny and the price is also not mentioned. In fact, it is mentioned as promotional use, not for sale. In other words, I think it is ellish box exclusive. I am not sure though. Once you open the product it is white in color and has got a very mild fragrance.

Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition Votre Under eye cream

3. MYOB Category-1 (worth up to Rs. 840/-):

The third product you had to choose from 4 products and I chose from the brand Aura de Purity body butter worth Rs. 599/-. It was manufactured in March 2018 and best before 3 years. I tried using the product once, it has got a very strong fragrance. I felt it had a strong overpowering fragrance of lassi mixed with rose milk which I did not like at all. It comes with SPF. It is a brand that manufactures organic skincare products.

The body butter contains Gulab Rosa(Centifolia), Neem, Ghrit Kumari (Aloe Vera), Almond, Jaitoon ka Tel (Olea Europaea), Nariyal Tel, Minerals, permitted colors and fragrance. I would have been happy to use the body butter if there was no fragrance.

Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition Aura de Purity Body butter with SPF
Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition Aura de Purity Body butter with SPF

4. MYOB Category-2 (worth up to Rs. 1295/-):

The fourth product was a product of your choice up to value 1295/-. Out of the 4 given products you have to choose one. The first one was Day cream by amayra natural worth Rs. 699/-, the second was N*de mineral face powder by Vert worth Rs. 1295/-. The third product was by Priroda organics bathing milk worth Rs. 380/-. The fourth product was a lipstick by Disguise cosmetics worth Rs. 500/-. I went ahead and chose the lipstick from.

It is a beautiful mauvy pink color and it is an everyday color. It glides on the lips like butter as it has got a creamy texture. Detail review about this lipstick I will share soon. It is a cruelty-free, paraben and lead-free brand. I was excited about this brand when Ellish had the sneak peek of the October edition.

Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition, Disguise Ultra Comfortable satin Matte Lipstick
Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition, Disguise Ultra Comfortable satin Matte Lipstick Mentor 13

Sample Product and Diwali Gift:

In addition to the above 4 products, you get a sample product. The sample product is panty liners by pee safe. You get 2 liners that keep you fresh and dry all day long. And as a Diwali gift, you get a small cute candle. A nice Diwali gesture. I always become happy when I get free products. The sample product is different for each person.

Ellish Beauty Subscription Box October 2019 Edition, Diwali gift and sample product pant liner


These were the products that I received in the Ellish October Box 2019. Quite disappointed with the lotion fragrance. Do Let me know what you feel about the products and the box in the comments section below. My favorite products are the highlighter and lipstick. The total value of Out the products was Rs. 699 + 1760 + 599 + 500 = Rs. 3558. For Rs. 399/- you get so many products. Steal deal Ellish never disappoints. I think their November edition pre-booking is open.

Rating: 4.5/5

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