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Hello, my beauties.

Welcome to my beauty blog. Today I am reviewing December 2022 glossybox. I am very late for the party, nonetheless here are my thoughts on what I feel about the products I received in this December wishful moments glossybox. If you have loved this box or not and what additional products you received in the box, let me know in the comments section below.

Price of Glossybox:

The price of the glossybox increased from £13.25 to £14.75 for around two to three months and now again for the April subscription, the price has been reduced to £13.25. I was slightly disappointed as the prices were increased but happy again as the prices went back to the original. I pay monthly for the box.

If you buy from THIS LINK I will get a small commission without any additional cost to you.

Products received in December 2022 Glossybox:

the theme of December glossybox 2022 is wishful moments. And in this box, I received 6 products including full-size, deluxe and mini sizes. Let’s get into the detail of each product.

1. Pixi Glow tonic Exfoliating Toner:

The first product received is two cute tiny bottles of Pixi Glow tonic exfoliating toner. It is a 15ml bottle and the cost of each bottle is £5. We have 2 bottles so it costs £10. The glow tonic claims to clarify the pores and remove the excess impurities that are present in the skin and gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin. The key ingredients of this glow tonic are glycolic acid red ginseng and aloe Vera. Pixi glow tonic can be used AM and PM, And it should be used after cleansing your face avoiding contact near the eye area. since it is 15 ml in size it is great for travel purposes. but if you go to buy this 15 ml size for five pounds it is comparatively expensive because you get a 250 ml size for £18. It is deluxe size.

Pixi serum

2. Give them Lala Lip kit:

It is a full-size product priced at £22. It consists of lipstick and a lip liner. Impressive!! I like when I receive the lip liner along with the lipstick. It is so much better. Since this is a December box, I expected red lipstick depicting the Christmas season/theme. But this is a n*de colour lipstick and lip liner.

I liked the lip liner better than the lipstick. As seen in the swatches below, the lip liner is a bit darker than the lipstick. The lip liner shade suits me better, but the lipstick colour washes off my complexion.

I need to combine the lipstick with some other shade of lipstick to make it work on my complexion. These colours are day to day wearing products. I’m not disappointed with the combo, I am okay. I’m happy with the lipliner. I never had that shade of the lipliner.

Give them Lala lip kit
give them lala lip kit

3. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Booster:

This is a deluxe size product with 20ml contents and costs £4.60. This tube will last for a minimum of two uses depending on the length of your hair. Philip Kingsley is a well-known brand and I have seen deluxe or sample-sized products in many subscription boxes. But this is my first time trying out the product.

The Philip Kingsley conditioner has no fragrance whatsoever and the directions for use are also not mentioned on the tube. So I guess it is the usual way of applying any hair conditioner.

Philip Kingsley

4. The beauty crop highlighter Pear pressure:

For this product, you would either receive a No. 7 highlight golden glow worth £13.95 or the beauty crop highlighter worth £12. And I received the highlighter from beauty crop and I am in love with it. It is extremely pigmented and gives a natural subtle glow to my cheeks. This is one of my favourite products from the box.

This highlighter is said to be enriched with argan oil and coconut oil which is said to give a stunning glow.

the beauty crop highlighter

5. Philosophy Hope Biome Balance glow serum:

For this product, there are 5 different options and you will receive any of the 5 options. The first option is Philosophy Hope hyaluronic acid glow water cream in the deluxe size of 7ml worth £5. The second option is the one that I received Philosophy Biome Glow serum in deluxe size of 3ml worth £4.50.

The third option was from Monu Skincare Rosewood reviving mist priced at £9.95. The fourth and fifth one was from Clinique Rinse of foaming cleanser or Take the day off cleansing balm both worth £7.

I received the product that was the cheapest and the tiniest of the 5 alternatives. These products were sent randomly. This serum could be used for 5 to 6 uses depending on the amount you use. The consistency of this serum. I feel when they send random products the worth of all the products should be almost the same if not the same to avoid disappointment.

6. SVR Palpebral Creme:

This product is not mentioned in the catalogue. I guess this is the additional product that I received. I checked the price on lookfantastic and it is £15.

Browsed the official website of SVR and saw that they have an impressive skincare range, especially targeted to various skin concerns. On the box it was not mentioned that it is an eye cream, it says for sensitive skin. Since it was not mentioned in the catalogue as well, I had to do some digging as clear instructions on the usage of the product were not mentioned. So finally I found that it was an eye cream. I should have guessed looking at the applicator that it was eye cream, but my tiny brain couldn’t guess.

It has no fragrance and a bit thick consistency. It is a made-in-France product. I do not have many issues with my under eyes and use this cream regularly, once a day. I liked it but I really cannot comment on the efficiency as mentioned I don’t have under-eye issues.

SVR Palpebral creme

My thoughts on December 2022 glossybox:

The total worth of all the products that I received in December 2022 glossybox is £10 + £22 + £4.60 + £12 + £4.50 + £15 = £68.1

£68 worth of products is quite a deal. But I did not get the Christmas feeling from this box. However, this box had skincare products including toner, moisturizer, serum and makeup products including lipstick, a Lipliner combo, and a highlighter. Most of the time, the advent calendar and boxes offer red lipstick for Christmas, but this box was different. Overall I enjoyed the content of the box and I am using all the products.

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