Current Rewards App Review 2020: Legit or Scam?

current rewards app review 2020

Current Rewards App is an app that claims to pay the user for doing a simple thing as just listening to music. Is it so easy to earn money listening to music? Is this earn money app legit or it is just a scam? Let’s find out. Do keep reading the post.

What is the Current Rewards App?

It is an app that is available in the play store and Apple store consisting of over 1,00,000 plus radio stations of different categories like pop-rock, Rap, and hip-hop, metal, country, slow, relax, and chill, Hindi to name a few. You can save your favourite radio station and listen to the songs on that particular station. While listening to songs you get some points per song. These points are converted for gifts or Cash. This app is available worldwide.

You can use the link to download the app.

How Current Rewards App work?

  • The current rewards app is available for both android users as well as iOS users.
  • On the Play store, the file is 32 Mb in size. There are around 5 Million plus downloads. Once you download you need to sign up and fill in the details like your name, email, contact number, etc.
  • It also gives extra points if you fill in all the details that the app asks.
earn money listening to music current rewards app tasks
  • This app is available worldwide. You need the internet for listening to songs.
  • Unlimited and a wide variety of songs of different languages and genres are available.
  • Each mobile user can operate one current account on one device. They verify the same with your mobile number. They send a verification code on the registered mobile number.
  • It’s that simple. After registration, you choose your favorite category of songs and start listening to music and start earning points.

How Can you earn points?

As you can see from the screenshot this was the interface when I first installed the app in May 2020. App updates are released on regular basis.

  1. Tasks and offers: these tasks include downloading different apps like opinion world, time bucks, daily hunt, and many more. You need to register yourself with those apps. Run the apps as per the condition for the particular offer and then earn points. These tasks and offers take 1 to 30 minutes of your time. It says you can earn points up to 20000.
  2. Share your opinion: This is basically answering surveys. It will take 1 to 30 minutes of time.
  3. Daily usage bonus: when you listen to music for a certain time the apps reward you with points. You can earn points to a maximum of 150.
  4. Quick earn video: in this mode, you can watch advertisements of up to 30 seconds. A maximum of 15 points is rewarded. In short earn money by watching ads.
  5. Unlocking the screen: This is another method that is not mentioned in the list. After every 2 hours when you unlock your mobile screen you get 3 points.
  6. Listening to music: Of course this is the main thing, you get points listening to songs.
current rewards app points earn money listening to music
Old interface May 2020

After updates the app interface changes. This is the recent interface on November 21st, 2020. In this new interface, they have introduced new points earning method i.e. games. Videos are the same as watching ads.

7. Games: Here you get points for playing games. There are some terms and conditions that you need to accept first and then you can proceed to play games and earn points for every minute you spend playing.

currents reward app tasks and offers
current interface November 2020

A new feature called the daily goal feature is introduced. Once you reach 25 points you get 5 points more. And so on. They have just introduced a new feature called charging. Wherein you get points when you keep your phone for charging.

current music app daily goals

How much CASH/ REWARDS can you earn?

Following are the rewards. The first one is once you make 4000 points you can claim a BB card. This means you get paid 50% faster for listening to songs. Once you reach 7950 points you can claim $1 and so on. You can also claim gifts when you reach certain points. When you reach 16500 points you can claim earphones, 18500 you can claim a smartwatch, and so on. Check the below images.

Current rewards app rewards
current music app earn money listening to music rewards

What is my Experience with the Current app?

My friend sent me the referral link for this app and said you can earn gifts or some cash. It was exciting. I was like it is true that you can earn money by just listening to music, watching ads, and answering surveys?

I installed this app on the 21st of May 2020 and could claim $3 by making 9950 points on 28th October 2020. Yes, it took me quite some time to earn those 9k points. Approximately 5 months. In initially getting point listening to music was very low. On the first day, I was able to make 600 points so I was happy. That reaching 9950points would be easy if I can make [email protected] per day. But from the next day onwards earning points became very difficult.

As you can see in the below screenshot I would get 0.09 or 0.2 points listening to songs. Daily check in points would be 6 or 10 etc.

points earned for listening to songs in current music app

Later with newer updates, I was able to make some points and finally, I reach the target of 4000 points. But it took me more than 3 months so I felt sad to claim the points for the BB card. So I decided not to claim and proceeded with 7950 points. Once I reached 7950, I was like 2k more points and I can claim $3. When I reached almost 7000 points, a new update was launched and I could reach my target fast. I would get points up to 15 for watching a 30-second ad. Before the update watching ads would not give you points. It would say your reward will appear shortly and the points were never added to your account.

Once I reached 9950 points I claimed my points. I was just accumulating points and finally not getting anything in return would be disappointing.

Redeem gifts for listening to music:

So finally I hit the REDEEM rewards option. Firstly, I was asked for my contact number. Fair enough. A verification code was sent. I instantly got the BB card that enables the user to earn points 50% faster.

current reward app claim rewards

I got the mail from the Current Rewards app stating that I will be getting my Paypal gift card in 10 business days. As you can see from the below screenshot I got the mail on 28th October. Also, my email id for Paypal, and this app is the same.

mail from current rewards app

So basically exactly after 1 month, I got the rewards in my PayPal account. I claimed for $3 and I got $2.88. I guess the processing fee etc. Below is the proof from my PayPal account.

Most of the time what happens is, when you claim your reward you get a BB card and the card is activated immediately. Some users like me, who are claiming for the first time we wait to check if we receive the rewards or not. As per the screenshot, the rewards are deposited after 1 month. Meantime the BB card gets expired.


  • You get to listen to millions of songs from a wide range of artists, different genres, languages, etc.
  • You are rewarded with some PayPal cash or gift whatever you choose.


  • You cannot search for a particular song. Songs start playing one after the other of the selected genre.
  • The new charge feature of the app led to the overheating of my phone hence my phone automatically disabled the app while charging.
  • Enabling the charge feature there are ads constantly running on your screen.
  • The current music ad is displayed on your mobile home screen all the time. Instead of an image of your own choice, every time you open your phone you get to see Current like the below image.
  • It’s almost 1 month and I have not received any rewards. I have also commented on the google play store regarding the app.
  • The company’s claim of paying users $600 per year is over-exaggerated.

Final Verdict:

Current Rewards app which claims to earn money listening to music is a LEGITIMATE app if you want to make some money from the app. If you are using the app for listening to music then it is good. You watch at least 1000s of ads in order to make 9950 points. When the users view ads, the company makes money. But the company does not fulfill the promise of paying the users of $600 plus dollars a year.

If you open the app in the play store the company claims to pay users $600 per year. Actually, it becomes difficult to earn enough points to claim $3. Let me know your thoughts and experience in the comment section below.

Edit 1:

Thank you guys for the overwhelming response to this post. I continued using the Current reward app. This time I accumulated 15500 points, by only viewing ads and occasionally listening to music. This time I claimed $6 on 29th May 2021 and surprisingly by 1st June the rewards were sent to my Paypal account. I received $5.76. The first time withdrawal process took one whole month.

current rewards app

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(19) Comments

  1. Ananka

    It certainly seems like a scam. Not a lot you have earned in a long time. You’d think you would have more over those months!

    1. Daniel

      Hi, I don’t know why they had to earn so little points, I had this app for one month and accumulated about 17,000 points, and halfway to getting my $25 gift card.

      1. Joselle

        That’s great Daniel. Unfortunately, I was not able to accumulate as many points as you accumulated. Maybe because of the older version of the app. With the latest version maybe you can earn more. After you cash out do let me know your experience here

  2. Siddhaarth

    I have completed the mega offer task where I had to download Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade and play it. I completed the first and second part of the task. The first part paid me 15000 points. The second part which I recently completed is yet to reward me with points. I am still contemplating.

    1. Joselle

      15000 points that’s great. When will you encash your points? Or you redeeming the gifts?

  3. Selaine

    It ‘is’ a scam and I have the personal experience to prove it. I went for the $10 Google Play gift card redeem. Like you I received a message about the gift card coming in 7-10 business days… only it didn’t arrive in those X days. So after the 3rd week (13 business days) I sent a mail to their customer support. After 5 days they responded that they needed my reply to contain the mail and phone from my registration so I instantly did that. Cue another 8 days wait only for them to respond that they were “unable to help at this time as the system is unable to find a redemption.” Meanwhile during this 8 days wait on day 3 the mail finally arrived giving me a gift card id number and verification code. Except when I attempted to apply it to my google play account it turns out that the code wasn’t even legitimate and I was informed by the Google play site to contact whomever I received the gift card from. So I sent them another mail, this time including the very mail they sent claiming it to be a gift card and a screenshot of the refusal message by google play showing my failed attempt to redeem the code. Another 8 days wait only for Customer Support to again say I needed to reply back with my registered email and phone before they can assist me on the matter. Again I did so. Another 13 days wait and I finally get back a response “Upon checking in on our system with the email you have provided, we don’t find any redemption. We’re glad to hear your response, thank you.

    Team Current” I proceeded to double check Google Play – still no validation. I then proceeded to uninstall the Current scam app.

    Recap of timeline..
    Day 01 – Redeemed points and instantly received automatic mail saying 7-10 business days.
    Day 22 – Still no gift card after 3 weeks so sent in first customer support mail.
    Day 27 – Customer Support responded but claimed they needed me to reply with registered mail / phone which I instantly in less than ten minutes after arriving in mailbox had sent back to them.
    Day 30 – Received a mail with Google Play gift card code and verification id. Except Google Play didn’t recognize it. So I mailed Customer Support again including the original sent gift card mail from them and a screenshot of my attempting to use it on Google Play without it validating.
    Day 35 – Finally received response to original inquiry about having not yet received my 7-10 business days gift card only to be told they could find no redemption. Which of course they couldn’t since it had already arrived on day 30 even if it was invalid.
    Day 38 – Received a response from Customer Support saying that before they could assist me on the invalid card that I would need to reply back with my registration mail and phone AGAIN. I instantly did although by this point I was pretty sure it was a scam and was giving them one last chance to redeem themselves if legit.
    Day 51 – Received final response from Customer Support which said no redemption was coming. Just in case I tried one last time to redeem the supposed Google Play Gift Card only to receive the same invalid code message. Proceeded to uninstall this scam Current app.

    1. Joselle

      Thank you Selaine for sharing your experience with the Current Rewards app. The readers will get the idea that Google Play Store cards could be problematic. It is very sad to hear about your experience. However, I did not try to redeem it as a Google Play Store gift card. I tried to withdraw cash in my Paypal account and it worked. I cannot really comment on Google Play store gift cards and other gift options as I have not tried using them.

  4. Sarah

    Heya I just want to ask if the airpods gift is legit cuz i made it my goal and im so close in redeeming it I just want to have no regrets. Btw Im from philippines

    1. Joselle

      Hi Sarah. I am not sure if the gifts are legit or not. Because I have only claimed cash. And cash rewards are legit.

      1. Gleza


        1. Joselle

          Hi Gleza. 7950 is equal to $3 PayPal cash. However, after deductions like their processing fee you get $2.88 in your Paypal account.

  5. Ntite

    It’s a scam at 15.08.20 i redeemed the airpods , after a few months i did try to communicate via emails, no serious answer just that they are sorry for the delay, at the third email i was asking why i couldn’t see anymore the airpods in the redeemed history of the app and why i didn’t received the airpods the didn’t even bother to answer. Waste of time.

    1. Joselle

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience here. Other readers will be careful NOT to claim the AirPods or smartwatch as rewards.
      You would have got a few dollars if you used the PayPal option.

  6. Kelly Brown

    Current SCAMMED ME OUT OF NEARLY $50 over the past few month. I started using their app and thought it was great. I earned my first $20 gift card pretty quickly, but more than a month after redeeming it, I still had nothing to show for it. While waiting, I earned another $20 gift card, and was well on my way to the next gift card. I sent several inquiries about the first gift card I tried to redeem, but no response at all. Then I guess they got tired of me bugging them for the money I had earned, so they decided to suspend my account, accusing me of “fraudulent activity” since I guess that is probably the only way they can justify not paying me what they owe me.

    I listen to the radio pretty much around the clock. I keep my phone by my bed and if I happen to hear the notification that they are turning off my earnings, I restart them. They claimed that I am using a “bot” since apparently most users don’t listen to the radio as much as I do so they don’t think I’m human!!! They are nothing but lowlife thieves and liars, and will scam you if they get a chance!!!!

    Don’t trust these scammers…

    1. Joselle

      It’s so sad to hear about your experience, Kelly!! Thank you for sharing with our readers. Do you try claiming PayPal cash or tried with Google Play store cards? Mostly the Play store cards/vouchers do not work. Hence I would recommend only redeeming PayPal. It worked for me 2 times. $3 and $6

  7. John

    Scam. Don’t download.

    1. Joselle

      Hi John, it would be nice if you could elaborate on your experience with this app. And why you feel it is a scam

  8. Diniella Abadia

    Hi, I’ve been using Current for a few months now and I can say based on my experience that it is not a scam 🙂 I’ve already redeemed rewards there 5 times. Four times with $3 and one time with $10 and all those reflected on my paypal after 3-7 working days after redeeming 😀

    1. Joselle

      Hi Diniella, thank you for sharing your experience. It is indeed a legit app if you redeem money to your Paypal account. I have redeemed twice. $3 and $6. The first withdrawal took a months time, but the second was pretty quick.

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