CryptoTab Browser Pro Level Legit or Scam? Honest Opinion

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Hello Everyone

Bitcoin mining is trending and it is super profitable. You do not have to do anything but still can make money. They are many apps and websites that help you to mine bitcoin. One such app is CryptoTab Browser Pro and we are going to discuss in detail about the same.

What is CryptoTab Browser Pro?

There are very few legit apps that allow you to mine bitcoin on a mobile phone and one such app is CryptoTab Browser Pro. No doubt there are loads of apps that promise to pay you much more bitcoins, but they are not always legit. CryptoTab Browser there are many versions but you need to buy the paid version so that you can earn bitcoins. But if you are expecting to mine loads and become rich in a short span then let me disappoint you first only. You cannot make a living from this app. It is not even passive income if you just mine from one device without inviting friends to join your affiliate.

It was Rs. 55/- I paid for the app when it was on discount. In different countries, the prices may be different. I got this deal when it was on discount. But most of the time it is a discount. I did not pay money directly. I used Google Rewards. Google Rewards is an app by Google. Here they ask you to answer surveys and pay you for each survey answered. The surveys are maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute long and you can make a decent amount of money. This money cannot be withdrawn, you can only use it to buy apps, books from Play Store. In short, my investment was 0.

How to use CryptoTab Browser for Bitcoin Mining?

First of all, you need to download the paid version of the app. The free version does not give you bitcoin/satoshi. You can download the app from

That is my link. Before, this app had referral bonuses and benefits. Like how much you can earn per referral. It had a calculator. And now they have not mentioned how much would you earn after referring the app to friends and family.

Cloud Boost Options:

The cloud boosts options prices varies from country to country. I recently moved to London and these are the prices in London. When I was in India prices were not exceeding Rs. 5000 if you took the 12-month package.

The Cloud boost packages comes as 1,3,6 and 12 month packages. Also there are 4 different types of boosters available as shown in below X2 , X5, X10 and X15.

I did not invest in any boosters because I thought it would be better if I invest in cryptocurrency or bitcoin directly instead of boosters. Just my opinion.

How to Claim the Bitcoins earned in your wallet?

I use the Coinbase wallet. You can download the same from

For claiming for the first time from the CryptoTab browser, you will have to add the wallet address and confirm from your email id. The withdrawal takes around 5 to 6 working days for the bitcoin to receive in your wallet.

How many Satoshi can you mine per day with CryptoTab?

When I joined I was able to mine around 13-15 satoshis per 3 hours. And now after the updates, the earning potential has reduced considerably. Now, you can mostly earn 5 satoshis per 3 hours or maximum 6 satoshis (which is rare).

The following earnings are from mining from my mobile phone only (No laptop).

Approximately you can make, (mobile device: hash rate of 1500H/s, no boosts purchased)

24 hours per day, divided by 3

So, you can mine 8 times a day. 5 satoshis per 3 hours,

24/3 = 8

5 x 8 = 40 satoshis per day.

The above calculations are true if you mine continuously by keeping an alarm etc. If you keep an alarm at night and mine. Else you earn 30 to 35 satoshis per day.

So in 30 days (month), considering 35 satoshis per day, 30 x 35 = 1050 satoshis per month.

In a year 12600 i.e. 0.00012600 bitcoin values approximately $5-6 as of today, when bitcoin goes high the value will definitely be high. At least something is better than nothing.

What are my thoughts on CryptoTab Browser Pro?

This app is a legit app wherein you can mine bitcoins. Mining bitcoin would be exaggerated because you can make a few satoshis with the app. If you refer to friends then you might be able to earn at a faster rate. For now, I have not referred to anyone. Let’s see if anyone joins from the link, how much I will be able to make. I will write an update for the post.

I installed the app last year, around August-September month. Initially, I was consistent with the app. I mine only on my smartphone i.e. android, one device. I have also installed CryptoTab browser on my laptop, but I do not mine using the laptop. Because I am not sure how much electricity it would consume and whether I will be in profit or not.

You can withdraw the bitcoin earned in your wallet after accumulating 0.00001000 i.e. 1000 satoshis. There are loads of apps that promise to help you mine 1 bitcoin a day etc, I tried a couple and they are all scam apps.

There is also Cloud boost mining option, but I did not invest in the boosts options.


  • The best part is this app can be used on your smartphone as well as laptop.
  • It is legitimate app and helps you mine bitcoin.
  • Most mining apps works on laptops, this one enables the users to mine on their mobile phones.
  • The app interface is simple and easy to use.
  • Withdrawal is easy


  • You cannot earn sufficient satoshi with this app.
  • Mining stops every 3 hours and you need to activate it every 3 hours.

Final Verdict:

CryptoTab Browser Pro Level is a LEGITIMATE bitcoin mining app that pays you in your wallet. However, the mining is extremely slow with the basic package and if you are mining from a single device. If you are buying Boosts to accelerate the mining, then the money spent on buying the boost will at least take some time to recover. There is good potential for earning if you keep inviting your friends to join.

Did any one try the CryptoTab pro app? Do share your experience in the comment section below.

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  1. Joshua okoyomon

    It seems like real

    1. admin

      Hi Joshua, it is real

  2. Pong

    Before you pay for the Cloud Boost, it is not a scam. But after you paid for the Cloud Boost Plan, the Cloud Boost function will be block from your Cryptotabrowser Account at once, although you still can mining with normal speed

    1. admin

      Thank you dear reader for sharing your experience with the cloud boost function. I never bought it.

  3. Forhad

    Hi, I’ve a question.
    Consider I’ve multiple mobile devices and I’m mining all of them using one account. Will that be good idea or should I use refer option from my main account in order to install and mine from other devices as well. How would I get benefit more following by which way?

  4. willem

    hey started to use this CryptoTab Browser Pro and use 2Xboost and in my crypto farm i have two miners the farm is built in the this site and a app and it will helps u min for bitcoin 24 hour a day and paying for one month duration is $1.99

  5. Benbillion

    Hi, how much in dollar value converting Bitcoin to USDcoin can be made in one hour using at least 2 crypto browser’s ?

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