Christian Dior Rouge 999 Lipstick – Review and Swatch

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Welcome to our blog Beauty and the Geek. This is the first post of our blog so I would be reviewing the lipstick which was gifted by my best friend forever and my blog co-writer Oswald. (Since I was searching for a RED lipstick he had to literally go to the beauty counter and ask the lady to help him select this perfect shade, and I must say, I really love the shade). I would be reviewing lipstick by Christian Dior Paris, Dior Rouge 999 Matte.

This is my first luxury lipstick. And I must say I am in love with the red color. Read the entire review to know more about the Dior lipstick.

Christian Dior Rouge 999 lipstick

Packaging of Christian Dior Rouge 999:

Coming to the packaging it comes in a Navy blue box and written in Silver, the shade name is mentioned on the box. It weighs 3.5 grams. Ingredients are also mentioned on the box. The good thing about mentioning the ingredient list is you know, what is present in the lipstick. The packaging speaks of luxury and class.

Dior Rouge 999

The packaging of the lipstick is very sophisticated, again navy blue and gold. The initials CD are engraved on the top. When you close the lipstick it makes a ‘click’ sound. As you can see it is mentioned Dior on the lipstick.

The shade name is also mentioned on the bottom of the lipstick.

Dior Rouge 999 shade code

Price of Christian Dior Rouge 999:

Since this was gifted by my friend, it was 10 Kuwaiti Dinar (Indian pricing approximately Rs. 2,655/-) for 3.5 grams of the product.

Color of Dior Rouge 999:

The shade of the lipstick is a  beautiful orange-red color. Basically a red with orange undertones. It is neither in the maroon red shade nor in that bright orange side. It is a subtle orange-red, which looks very beautiful when applied on the lips.

Following is the hand swatch:

Dior Rouge 999 hand swatch

Following is the lip swatch of Dior Rouge 999:

Dior Rouge 999 lip swatch

The texture of Dior Rouge 999:

It has a beautifully soft and creamy texture. It is hydrating and does not dry out your lips.


It is really easy, not messy at all as it has a creamy texture; it glides very smoothly on the lips.

What is my opinion about Dior Rouge 999?

Who does not like to own luxury brands? May it be Dior, Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, etc. etc to name a few. And I’m so glad that my friend gifted one. 😀 else maybe I would have thought a hundred times before buying a Luxury brand or ask my dad to get the same as it does not fit my budget. At times I do not feel like using the lipstick thinking I might run out of the same.

Now getting serious, the feeling of owning a luxury brand is certainly great. I really loved the shade Rouge 999, following is the list of why I loved the shade and why I’m slightly disappointed.


  • I really loved the creamy texture, though matte it is not drying on the lips.
  • The color is a really nice rich red color if you are looking for something bold or vampy.
  • The application of Dior lipstick is very simple, not messy. The lipstick does not bleed.
  • The lasting power is 4 to 5 hours.
  • One stroke application: since it is extremely pigmented, one stroke is enough for bold and beautiful red lips.
  • It has got a very mild fragrance.
  • Re-application is easy, usually in case of matte, super drying lipstick especially liquid matte lipsticks if you re-apply without removal of the existing lipstick, it becomes patchy, but not in case of Dior
  • Lastly, the packaging speaks of luxury.


  • It does not survive heavy meals, (oily meals) re-application required in case of heavy or oily meals.
  • The lipstick is not transfer-proof.
  • Burns hole in the pocket as it is pricey.


To sum up, it should have sustained meals and should have been transferred proof formulation for the price paid. I would recommend if you want to own something of Christian Dior as it is a beautiful shade, I wouldn’t repurchase the same shade but definitely buy different products range from Dior.

Considering the price factor I would subtract one star. Actually, It is a luxury brand, so the price factor should not come into the picture. But when a person spends top money, I would definitely prefer quality as well.

Because it comes with a heavy price tag, I would have appreciated if the lasting power was more, and also if it was transfer-proof. Otherwise, it is a great lipstick from scent to finish, texture to color, packaging to application.

Lots of love, until next time.

Rating: 4.5/5

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