Blue Heaven Dip & Twist Nail Paint Remover

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Hope everyone is doing well. Today I am going to review the most convenient and most affordable nail paint remover. This remover is by the made in India brand which is none other than “Blue Heaven”. This particular brand has a wide variety of products at reasonable rates. While removing nail polish, I always considered the boring and annoying thing was putting acetone on the cotton and then rubbing the cotton on the nails and removing the nail paint with much difficulty and if it is a glitter nail polish then it becomes even more tedious. For all these problems Blue Heaven has come up with a convenient product and it is called “Dip & Twist Nail Paint Remover”

It comes in a plastic bottle as shown in the image and inside the bottle is a sponge soaked with necessary ingredients which removes the nail paint.

The price of this product is just Rs. 65.

You can either buy the product online or offline.

Online you can buy HERE

Since it is an Indian brand it is easily available on local stores. They might also give you additional discount.

Coming to essential ingredients it contains almond oil and Vitamin E and Vitamin B5. It also contains chemicals like Isopropyl Myristate, Ethyl Acetate and Cyclo Pentasioxilate. It says it is free of acetone.

Almond oils protects the nails from breakage, cracking and nail peeling so I would say great choice of ingredient.

Vitamin B5 is essential for nail growth. And it is also said to strengthen the nails. So again big thumbs up.

Direction for use:
As see  in the previous image, the bottle contains a sponge inside and kind of cross cuts on the sponge. You need to dip your finger at the intersection of the cuts and twist it and tada! Nail polish is gone. It’s that easy.

What is my opinion about Blue Heaven Dip & Twist Nail Paint Remover?

I had seen a similar product of this technique of Colorbar. It was Rs.250 for 80 ml of product, I was not sure whether to buy the same or not because personally I did not find it worth to spend so much on a nail paint remover. As I was scrolling through Nykaa, I found this Blue heaven product. So went ahead and quickly ordered the same because it was very affordable.


  • As the name suggests, one second nail polish remover, it does the job pretty well as the description says.
  • For glitter nail polish may be 2 to 4 seconds,  but still I feel it is quite justified
  • Very affordable, only Rs. 65, but I think I got it on further discount and paid Rs.55-56
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • It is long lasting, I got this bottle around 5 to 6 months ago and still using it.
  • No cotton is needed. You just have to dip your finger and twist.
  • Nice strawberry scent, unlike other nail polish remover which contains acetone and smells of chemicals.


  • Not convenient in removing nail polish from your toes.

Don’t hesitate girls, if you are some one like me who does not invest on nail paint remover and rather thinks of investing the same amount on a nail paint then quickly grab this dip and twist. You will not regret your purchase.

Final Score: 4.6/5

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