Best Plugins to Track WordPress Post Views for Free

Do you want to check out how many people visited your website? Do you wish to display the number of people viewing your blog on each blog post? It is proof for the upcoming visitors that people have already read your content and how popular your content is.

There is a manual way to check the number of viewers on your post. However, coding and debugging could be difficult for beginners. I prefer using Plugins. Plugins make the blogging life a lot easier. Just download the right plugin, activate and you are good to go. There are approximately 58,172 WordPress plugins to make our blogging experience better.

There are many and different types of plugins that will show the viewers on your website. The below list is in random order.

Why are WordPress views important?

It gives the website owner to see the number of visitors that have visited the particular post. If a certain post is gaining views, the admin can further optimize the post to attract more traffic. The author can understand specific writing style is gaining traffic and use the same technique for the upcoming post.

If there are less views, the author can optimize the post to rank higher in the search engine.

Also, views are different from visitors. When a person lands on your site he is considered to be a visitor. This visitor can browse through many of your web pages and it contributes to views. Hence, one visitor can contribute to many page views.

1) Post View Count

I have recently started using this plugin. Not many active installations but works well for me. If you want a plugin that will only show the number of visitors on your dashboard, then this plugin is perfect for you. This plugin does not allow the visitor to see how many views a particular post has. This plugin only allows you to check the number of visitors.

This is more of a private kind of app. It allows only the user or the admin or the website owner to check the number of people visiting the website.

Best Plugins to Track WordPress Post Views
Post View Count

Once you install the plugin you will get a tab named Post View and below that you will get number of viewers for that particular published post. This app gives the privacy of not displaying the number of views to our audience. You can further check about Post View Count

Plugins to Track WordPress Post Views

2)Post Views Counter

This app helps the audience to check how many people viewed your article. It displays the views on the blog with the “eye” symbol and also on the dashboard. The app description says it all. It allows you to display how many times a post or page is being viewed. As you can see there are already 100,000+ active installations. I just installed the plugin some days ago and hence my page views appear to be less. The first plugin I installed 2 weeks prior to the post view counter plugin. Hence there is a difference between the 2 on my dashboard.

When a visitor visits your blog and sees the post views, he/she gets to know the popularity of your blog or that particular post. It helps in social engagement. I learnt about this later. I wish I knew this earlier.

The best part is this app is absolutely FREE. Also the post count does not gets incremented for the logged in user.

You can read more about Post Views Counter.

free Best Plugins to Track WordPress Post Views

The views will be appearing on the bottom of the post. It will display the post views as shown in the below image.

Best Plugins to Track WordPress Post Views for free

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