Bella Voste Compact Ivory Touch (C002) Review & Swatch

bella voste compact powder ivory touch

Hello my beauties

Welcome back to my blog Beauty And The Geek. Today’s review is about a compact by a company called the Bella Voste and I have with me a compact powder of the shade Ivory Touch (C002). It comes in three different shades. I think this product was launched in the market some time ago I do not remember the exact time. Continue reading to know more about the product.

Is Bella Voste a good brand?

Well, the answer is Yes. To a certain extent, there are some products which are excellent and some are not. I have tried their lipsticks, compact, and nail paints. Out of which I was only disappointed with the compact. Satisfied with 2 out of 3 product categories. Is Bella Voste vegan? No. It is not claimed by the brand, not mentioned on their official site. Is Bella Voste cruelty-free? Yes. All the products are not tested on animals.

Price of Bella Voste Compact Ivory Touch:

The price of the product is Rs. 149 and the net weight is 9 grams. It can be used for almost 3 years from the date of manufacturing which is quite a reasonable amount of time you can finish the product. The price is not mentioned on the box. This product I was not able to find on the official Bella Voste website. I got this from Nykaa still at a discounted price.

Packaging of Bella Voste Compact Powder:

It comes in a white colored carton box and the company name is mentioned on the front side. And on the rear side the shade code i.e. Ivory touch, the manufacturer, and also the claims of the compact powder are mentioned. Once you open the box you find the compact which is white in color. And on the rear side the shade code, marketed by, and manufactured by is again mentioned on the compact. Once you open the compact there is a mirror and also a sponge applicator. The compact separated by a thin plastic film the packaging is quite sturdy but nothing extraordinary.

Bella Voste Compact Ivory Touch packaging
packaging of Bella Voste Compact Ivory Touch

Claims of Bella Voste Compact:

  • Mattifies skin for a smooth finish
  • Shine control and oil-absorbing formula
  • UV filters for sun protection
  • Long-lasting and easy to blend
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Dermatologically tested
claims of bella voste compact powder ivory touch

What is my opinion about Bella Voste Compact?

Well, I expected a lot from this compact powder because so far the products which I purchased or the products which I got from subscription boxes of Bella Voste did not disappoint me.  But unfortunately, this one did not meet up to my expectations. Firstly, the compact has got some strange and strong not so pleasant fragrance. The ingredient list is missing. Another thing that struck me was this particular variety of compact was not available on their official website.

Thirdly a lot of product is not absorbed on the sponge applicator, hence you cannot apply fairly goof amount on your face. Blendability is not that great. It comes in only 3 shades.

The thing that I liked about this compact s that it comes with a mirror even though it is not that expensive. Most f the compacts which are costlier than this one do not come with a mirror.

Application Bella Voste compact ivory touch C002


  • It is suitable for all skin types
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Quite affordable.
  • It comes with a mirror, which is handy.
  • The brand claims it has UV filters for sun protection.


  • No much shade choice is available.
  • It is not so pleasant smelling compact.
  • It does not blend well on the skin.
  • The applicator does not absorb the product. Hence the application is difficult.
  • The ingredient list is missing.
  • Price is not mentioned anywhere.
  • Not long-lasting.


I wish the formulation improved somewhat. The application is not great. So it becomes quite difficult. I would not re-purchase this compact. My favorite compact is Lotus Herbals Whiteglow compact, you must give it a try. The review link is mentioned below.

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Rating: 2/5

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  1. Ananka

    Not ideal especially if the smell is not nice! Sounds like a fail and a poor product!

    1. Joselle

      Yes, I completely agree with you.

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