Beauty Buffet Scentio Milk Plus Body Lotion co-enzyme Q10

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Welcome back to my small world. Winters are here and taking care of your skin is something that you should not ignore. So for that today I am going to be reviewing a body lotion by Beauty buffet and it is Scentio Milk plus Whitening Body Lotion with co-enzyme Q10.

This body lotion I found a little different as it said milk plus body lotion. Co-enzyme Q10 I never heard before. Keep reading to know more.

Beauty Buffet Scentio Milk Plus Body Lotion co-enzyme Q10

Price of Scentio Milk Plus whitening body lotion:

I got this bottle of lotion from Thailand when I went on holiday. I do not remember the exact amount which I paid but it was approximately 350 to 400 Thai Bahts which is less than Rs. 1000/-. The quantity is 400ml.

Packaging of Scentio Milk Plus whitening body lotion with co-enzymes Q10:

Firstly I really loved the cute packaging. The color combination blue and white is absolutely adorable. The lotion bottle is placed inside the cardboard box. It has thin clear filming wrapped in order to avoid spillage or leakage. When you see the lotion before opening, you would find only the dispenser pump out of the box. So basically you do not know the shape of the container inside. Once you tear open the cow logo and remove the bottle, it is a cylinder-shaped white color bottle. Following is the image of the packaging of milk plus body lotion.

Packaging of Scentio Milk Plus whitening body lotion with co-enzymes Q10


As mentioned earlier I got from Phuket Thailand. You can also get on

Direction for use of Milk Plus body lotion:

Nothing extraordinary, whenever you feel your skin is dry, just apply.

Ingredients of Scentio Milk Plus Body Lotion co-enzyme Q10:

The first ingredient is water which is an essential part of healthy skin.

Liquidum or in layman terms mineral oil is essential as it has the ability to help reduce water loss from the skin. And keep skin moisturized.

It contains Vitamin E. It also has got Rice bran Oil which helps in reducing pigmentation, even out skin tones.

Milk proteins help in improving skin texture. It also helps in retaining skin moisture.

It has 4 derivatives of paraben and 1 sulfate derivative.

Ingredients of Scentio Milk Plus Body Lotion co-enzyme Q10
Ingredients of Scentio Milk Plus Body Lotion co-enzyme Q10

Claims of Milk Lotion:

Basically it has got the co-enzyme Q10 which is a skin revitalizer. As you age the skin slows down the process of forming free skin radicals. It has got a promising set of claims. White milk protein extracts conditions and lightens your skin tone. Co-enzyme Q10 helps fight against skin aging and protects skin cells from damage caused due to exposure to the sun. It claims the skin becomes brighter, more even, soft and more refined.

Texture and Consistency of Milk Body lotion:

Consistency of Beauty Buffet Scentio Milk Plus Body Lotion co-enzyme Q10

What is my opinion Beauty Buffet Scentio Milk Plus Body Lotion co-enzyme Q10?

As mentioned earlier, I got this lotion from Thailand. There I had seen full stores dedicated to Scentio Milk Plus, not just 1 or 2 stores but I saw many stores. After seeing so many stores of one particular brand I was pretty much keen about this brand and got this body lotion. I had never heard about this brand before.

I apply this lotion at night after the bath. At times twice a day. And trust me guys, it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. It smells of strawberry yogurt. But the fragrance is not overpowering at all and it vanishes after some time of application. The skin absorbs the lotion very quickly. I am writing this review after using the body lotion for 3 consecutive weeks. Due to friction between the thighs, there was blackness in the inner part of the thighs. So to my surprise, this lotion has reduced the blackness.


  • It provides 24-hour moisture to the skin.
  • The body lotion has a mild and soothing fragrance.
  • The lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin.
  • It reduced the blackness and also evens out the skin tone. True to its claim.
  • My skin did become soft and supple.
  • It does make the skin appear brighter and healthy.
  • It has got absolutely cute and adorable packaging.


  • Availability could be an issue offline.
  • Consists of parabens and sulfate derivatives.


If you are a bride to be and want a glowing healthy skin then you must try this body lotion. I am damn sure you will not regret your buy. But you should apply it regularly to get faster results. I loved every bit of the lotion and I would try other products from this range. But if you are someone who wants 100 % natural then this one contains parabens. But the results were amazing. I am in love with this body lotion.


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