Rohto Acnes Mentho-cool Pimple Defense Face wash Review

Rohto Acnes Mentho-cool Pimple Defense Face wash Review

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Hope everyone is doing fine. Today I am up with a face wash review. And this face wash I received in one of the subscription boxes. I had never heard about this particular brand earlier. So I was excited to try this Acnes Mentho-cool pimple defense face wash. Continue reading to know how this product fared for me.

Rohto Acnes Mentho-cool Pimple Defense Face wash

About Acnes Mentho-cool Face wash:

This particular brand is said to use Japanese technology and this face wash is said to cool down the skin and make it oil-free.

Packaging of acnes Face wash:

It comes in tube packaging and with a flip cover. Normal descent packaging like most of the face washes.

Price of acnes face wash:

The price is Rs. 99 for 50 grams of the product. It is most of the time on discount so might get it for still a lesser price.

You can get it HERE

Claims of the Product:

1) Control skin heat: this face wash is said to have which controls the skin heat and also cools down the skin.

2)Controls oil and also condition the skin: it contains ingredients that absorb oils and make the skin grease-free.

3)Clears pimples: it is said to contain IMP++ which removes 99% of pimple-causing germs and it is said it also clears the pimples

claims of Rohto Acnes Mentho-cool Pimple Defense Face wash


The ingredient listed above i.e. IMP++ is Isopropyl methyl Phenol which is used in a large number of cosmetics and other oral health care products.

It also contains Glycerin which has an ‘n’ number of skin benefits, it locks the moisture of the skin, etc.

It contains Paraben derivatives like Methylparaben and Propylparaben. If anyone of you is allergic to paraben then I do not recommend this face wash.

Another Ingredient which caught my eye was Kaolin helps in skin exfoliation and removing the dead cells.

I would say it is a balanced combination of good as well as chemical ingredients.

Rohto Acnes Mentho-cool Pimple Defense Face wash

Texture and Consistency of the product:

The below image shows the consistency of the product, the consistency similar to Neutrogena deep clean face wash, of course, both have different claims and benefits.

What is my opinion about Acnes Mentho-cool Pimple Defense Face wash?

As mentioned earlier, if it was not for the subscription box, I would have never heard about this brand name. Once you apply the face wash on your damp face, it gives tingling and cooling sensation. It pretty much cools own your facial skin.


  • Affordable face wash, even if you go to buy individually rather then receiving it in a subscription box.
  • It gives a cooling sensation to the skin.
  • Removes the excess oils from the skin.
  • The packaging is quite good with a flip cap.


  • Contain Paraben and fragrances and other chemicals


I am somehow not so convinced about this product. Maybe because of the presence of paraben and fragrance. Because you never know in the name of fragrance what chemicals the company has added. It is not specifically mentioned what variant or which fragrance is used. I really cannot comment on the acne part because I do not have. I would not repurchase this product nor buy from this particular brand. This brand has different variants of face washes. I found this product okay, it was not extraordinary, it did not work wonders, or maybe since I do not have acne I cannot really comment on the same. This product might have fared really well for some of you guys. Do comment in the comment section below and let me know what you guys feel about the face wash.

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Rating: 2.8/5

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