She is an IT Engineer by profession, living in the smallest state of India, which is considered ‘susegad’ meaning relaxed…Yes! You guessed it right. Goa. She Passionate about beauty and makeup. Lover of lipsticks. She likes reading, flower making and does things which makes her happy. She believes in Marilyn Monroe quote,

“A SMILE is the best makeup that any girl can wear.”

She believes in buying cost-effective makeup which would give similar results to that of high-end products. She believes in the philosophy of

“Do what you like, Like what you do.”

Yeah!! That’s me, simple village girl, Joselle De Souza

He’s an almost nerd who lost his way, for a while, after discovering that there were more beautiful things, like the writer above, existed as he looked away from a screen!!!!! Yeah, you must have guessed what he means but jokes apart, Hi, I am Oswald Gomes. Not a hardcore geek but yeah I do know quite some amount of tech knowledge, after traversing the vast expanse of the internet & tinkering with the internals of various systems, which is my passion. An Industrial Controls & Automation Engineer by profession, working in the dusty deserts of Kuwait, I too am from the same place we call home, Goa, as my lovely co-writer & close friend. I believe,

If there’s any way you will ever learn something, its by breaking them down and working hard to rebuild them back up. But if you have something that’s working just fine, never ever try to make it better unless you know what your’re doing, else hell will break loose!!!!!!!

If I’m not deeply engrossed with my eyes wide open looking at a screen or tinkering and looking how to rip apart another poor new electronic device, I love some occasional stimulating reading, Trance music, & some football, which runs in Goans blood.


It is purely the author’s opinion related to products. The home remedies in this site and tried and tested, however before you do for your skin kindly do a patch test. And before you consume any home remedies kindly check if you are allergic to any ingredients. It is the sole responsibility of the reader.

So also the same applies to the tech side of this blog. Our reviews are our personal opinion. Cheers !!!!


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