7 Heavens Color Intense Lipstick Review: Pinky, Rose, Burgandy, Kisses

7 heaven's color intense lipstick review

Hello my beauties

Welcome back to my blog. I hope you all are doing good. So today I am reviewing 7 Heaven’s Color Intense lipstick. It comes in several shades and I have 4 of them with me.

  • Pinky 402
  • Rose 401
  • Burgandy 305
  • Kisses 302

This particular brand is available for quite some time in India but it is not that famous. No marketing is been done. It is mostly available in local stores and Flipkart.

Price of 7 Heaven’s Color Intense Lipstick:

Rs. 225/- on Flipkart. It is mostly at discount. So you end up paying approximately Rs. 175 to 200/- or maybe even less.

Packaging of 7 Heaven’s Lipsticks:

The packaging is quite interesting. It somewhat speaks of luxury. It is sturdy and not at all feel like cheap plastic etc. The shade number is mentioned at the bottom. Also, it is easy to identify the shades because the packaging has a square on the front which is color-coded. It does not come with any carton packaging. When closing the lipstick it shuts with a”click” sound so that you know it is closed properly.

packaging of 7 heaven's color intenses lipstick rose, kisses, pinky, burgandy
7 Heaven's Color Intense Lipstick Pinky 402, Rose 401 , Burgandy 305, Kisses 302


Below is the hand swatch of the 4 shades I have.

7 heavens Color intense lipstick swatch

1) Pinky 402

This is a beautiful pink, everyday kind of color. It can be worn to college, office, grocery shopping, or maybe just at home. Wearing makeup is a personal choice.

7 heavens color intense lipstick pinky 402
7 heavens color intense lipstick pinky 402 lips swatch

2) Rose 401

This color is almost similar to pinky 402. But as can be seen in the images, this shade is very patchy and very difficult to work with. I had to glide the lipstick at least 10 times to get the color on my lips, which is not even at all. I am very disappointed with this shade.

Rose 401 lips swatch 7 heaven color intense lipstick

3) Burgandy 305

This is a subtle muted brown color. Perfect for everyday use. Out of all the colors I only liked this one the most followed by Pinky 402. This shade is more pigmented than any of the shades and easy to work with.

7 heavens color intense lipstick burgandy 305

4) Kisses 302

7 heavens color intense lipstick kisses 302
lip swatch 7 heavens color intense lipstick kisses 302

What is my opinion about 7 Heaven’s Color Intense Lipstick?

Overall I have mixed feelings. The shade which I disliked the most was Rose. I feel the formulation is different for different shades.


  • Many shades to choose from pinks to browns. And even reds
  • Beautiful Everyday colors.
  • It does not transfer like crazy.
  • Good and sturdy packaging. In fact, the color selection of packaging i.e. slightly golden looks quite luxurious.
  • On the affordable side, especially when they are on discount.
  • Last for 3.5 to 4 hours.


  • Have to swipe multiple times to get the opacity.
  • It does not glide on the lips smoothly.
  • Tad bit drying on the lips
  • Availability could be an issue.
  • The shade rose 401 is very patchy.
  • It has some odd cheap talc fragrance which lingers for some time. It could be bothersome who has got a sensitive nose.


I would not repurchase because I already have 4 and some did not work well. The problem which I found using these lipsticks was you don’t get opacity at a single swipe. Forget a single swipe, you need to swipe at least 5 to 6 times to get the color pay-off. Slightly patchy especially Rose 401 and I wouldn’t recommend you guys to buy the 401 shade. I feel they could have improved the formulation.

My recommendation would be Burgandy 305 shade if you want to try everyday brown shade.

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Rating: 2.7/5

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  1. Ananka

    OMG Pinky and Rose are gorgeous, I love lip colours like this 😀

    How are you doing? How are things over there in Goa? It has been sunny in Scotland and been out in the garden a few times. I will tell you, it isn’t sunny very often in Scotland ;-p

    1. admin

      That’s nice:)

      In Goa, the situation is under control as it is declared by the government.

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