3 Drinks to Increase your metabolism and lose weight faster.

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Today’s fast world has given rise to an enemy of a new kind. Obesity. Well not everybody may be obese but a large majority of the people are struggling to stay in shape. This can be due to various factors like stress, pressures, etc. This leads to unhealthy eating habits that in turn lead to the development of extra fats which if not controlled can lead to obesity.

Obesity and the desire for people to look better, feel better has led to a rise of a whole new industry. Gyms have sprung up everywhere, fitness programs are being sold everywhere, various products are being sold claiming to give you fat loss in just a few days. But what if I told you, the power to lose fat is right in your own hands?!! Here in this article, we will discuss some simple, but very effective ways you can lose weight, naturally.

Often we diet to reduce weight. It is always an added advantage if we consume drinks which increases our metabolic rate along with the diet so that we reduce our weight faster.

What is metabolic rate? It is the rate at which the energy is used (i.e. the calories burned) per unit time.

Types of metabolic rates:

1) BMR (Basal metabolic rate):

It is the number of calories burned if you were asleep all day long. In order to calculate the BMR, we use the Harris-Benedict Equation and we have to take into consideration the height, weight, age, etc of a person.

2)SMR (standard metabolic rate):

to sustain a given temperature, SMR is the minimum metabolic rate required.

Drinks which would increase the metabolic rate and help in reducing weight faster:

1)Green tea with lemon, honey, and ginger.

Ingredients needed:

– boiling water
– green tea bag
– grated ginger
– 1 tsp honey (Preferably raw honey)
– 2 slices of lemon

Method of preparation:

1) Take boiling water and soak 1 green tea bag to it
2) Add the grated ginger and lemon slices, let it stay for 5 minutes
3) Pull off the tea bag and add honey
4) Drink it on empty stomach and after about 45 plus minutes you can have your breakfast.

2) Cinnamon tea with lemon and honey

Ingredients needed:

– Boiling water
– Cinnamon powder 1tsp
– 1 tsp honey (raw honey preferred)
– Few drops of lemon

Method of preparation:

1) Keep the water to boil, and when the boiling point is attained add 1 tsp of cinnamon powder
2) Strain if required (i.e. the powder is too coarse)
3) Steep for 10-15 minutes, then add honey and few drops of lemon, stir well, and consume on empty stomach. Make sure you do not add honey to hot water as it destroys the enzymes in the honey.

3)Moringa leaves with a dash of lemon and Honey:

Ingredient list:

– Fresh Moringa leaves
– Lemon
– 1 tsp honey
– water

Method of preparation:

1) Take some fresh Moringa leaves and add water, grind it in the mixer
2) Pour in a glass and add few drops of lemon and 1 tsp of honey

What the ingredients in the above drinks do?

Studies show that Green Tea increases the metabolic rate by 4%, considering a 24 hour period. An increase in metabolic rate means you burn more calories and you lose weight faster.

Ginger is a great fat burner. It helps to burn the fat, especially around the belly area, resulting in a flatter stomach which basically everyone wishes for.

Lemon and Honey, both these ingredients help in cleansing of the liver. A combination of these 2 ingredients helps in keeping the liver free from toxins and in turn, increases the metabolic rate. Also, Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, some amount of fibers, and other vitamins and minerals.

Cinnamon helps in digestion and it also stabilizes the blood sugar levels. Cinnamon prevents sugar transformation to fats. It also reduces insulin spikes.

Moringa is a high source of calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It is also packed with fibers that aid in weight loss. It also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels, lowers the blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure. Moringa increases the mobilization and use of body fats to produce energy.

Do let us know in the comment section, which drink you have tried and how it worked on your body

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