14 Things to Do when bored during Quarantine

Hello my beauties

We are all bored with this period. As you all know the world is hit by a pandemic COVID-19 virus which has taken many lives and infected thousands. The government is trying its best to implement measures so that it does not continue to spread any further. I hope you guys are following the rules set up by the government. News, websites, podcasts and many more, are full of information about the Dos and Dont’s during this epidemic. It is my humble request to stick to these rules until the crises subside.

So let gets in details of the things that we can do during this Quarantine. Not just quarantine may be in the future as well. When you are extremely bored. This is not any specific order. This post is different from my usual posts. So let’s get started.


Okay, this may sound a little mellow dramatic. But I would request you guys to pray for the people suffering from this contagious disease. There are thousands of people suffering. Pray that they may recover soon. Thousands of people already dead, pray that their souls may rest in peace.

Whatever religion you might be practicing and following it is my humble request to pray for the same. Let God give the doctors, nurses the grace to serve the patients and give the guidance to discover a vaccine so it does not spread more. I personally sit with my family and prayer.

things to do during lockdown prayer
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2)Take care of Your health:

This is the best time that you can take care of your health. Nowadays PCOD cases are increased tremendously. If you are someone having PCOD this is the best time you can do something about it. Start a healthy lifestyle. Cook your own meals, follow some good habits or rather inculcate some good habits and lifestyle changes. Not just PCOD, but other health conditions like thyroid, etc which need your immediate attention to the things you consume.

Things that you can do to improve your health:

a) Early morning or as soon as you wake up, prepare a detox drink. Cinnamon tea, warm water with honey and lemon or any other.

b) Do some exercises. Spot jogging, jumping rope, burpees, mountain climbers, etc. to name a few. Also, put on music and dance which will burn calories.

c) Since you, at home, you have plenty of time. So cook your own healthy meals.

d) Consume a lot of water. Or you can make some detox drinks for weight loss etc. There are tons of recipes on youtube.

e) Practice yoga, meditation. Involve yourself in more physical activities like sweeping, moping your own house.

f) You can set your weight loss goals. For example n and the lockdown s fo 21 days. So you challenge yourself for 21-day body transformation with clean food and exercises. Track your progress.

things to do during quarantine take care of your health
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This is the best way you can relax. Read novels, fiction stories, magazines, etc.

I like to read novels and I read from Google playbooks. You can also download some free books and read them. There are choices of various genres fiction, mythological, science, business, etc. Yesterday itself I finished a Carpool by Noelle Adams. And started office mate book 2. It is a series of 5 books. If in google play store you have to pay then you can probably get books from Epub PuB.

reading books is something that you can do during quarantine
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4) Pamper yourself:

This could be just anything. Apply facial masks, sheets masks, etc. Make sure you apply to your spouse or bf or your brother, mother, father, etc. Trust me it will be fun you guys.

Cut, shape, file your nails. Do some nail art. You can also do a pedicure, manicure at home. You can definitely check some DIY on youtube and it will be great.

Do a spa at home. You can ask your partner for a nice head massage with oil or even a body massage. It could get really romantic 😉 You can thank me later. Followed by a hot water bath.

5)Drawing / Painting:

Some of you might have an interest in drawing during high school time. But later on, you never got the time to take it to the next level. So this is the perfect time to draw and paint. You can go in for doodle art, mandala art, abstract art, etc. Or you can take a blank sheet and just start painting. Learn different painting techniques. Discover your hidden talent.

drawing and painting during quarantine
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Actually I should have mentioned this quite on top. But still, this is something you can learn this quarantine If you are a makeup enthusiast like me then you can put on youtube and learn different tips and tricks. Master the art to get that perfect winged liner.

I personally do not know the blending of eyeshadows, cut crease, etc. So now I sit with my makeup set and learn. You can spend so much on your makeup. If you are used to getting your eyebrows done at the parlor now you can do it at home with the help of beauty plucker.


You can learn to write your name. Calligraphy is so much fun. It is satisfying to watch the videos. At least I find it quite satisfying.

If you want to learn in-depth there are paid classes on skillshare.com.

Youtube can help. Also, you can learn free from calligraphy.org

8)Declutter your wardrobe/makeup stash:

Decluttering my wardrobe was something I needed to do badly and I have done it finally. And I feeling good.

Often we pile up buying new makeup and old makeup goes unnoticed. So this time we can check the makeup, expired – discard. If you keep and use. Also, you can finish your makeup which is about to expire soon and then you use the new one.


This is something I have been doing these days. I search for minimum ingredients and easy recipes on youtube and prepare the same.

I have tried making cottage cheese, almond and date ladoos, milk cake, pasta in white sauce, sweet corn salad, honey chili potatoes, etc to name a few. So this quarantine you can get the chef talent which you possess.

10)Photoshoot in your garden with your siblings, bf, gf, husband, wife, etc.

If you are someone who likes clicking pictures then this is just the thing you need to do. Explore some corner of your house, garden, balcony, and shoot. I feel this will be great and then edit here and there and you are the model of your Instagram account.

11)Spending time with family:

This was the thing which most of us forgot in this digital world. So it is the best time to spend with your family. This could be like playing cards, Uno, Jenga blocks, word scramble, etc. It could also be playing games like badminton in your garden. You could also spend time with your pets. If not games you could just sit and talk.

Also, you could check all the childhood photographs. Walk down the memory lane.

12)Decluttering your phones, laptop

Often Whatsapp gets flooded with messages, images, videos and eventually, our phone gallery gets full. So this is the best time you can sit with your phone or your laptop and do the needful. Also, check for new updates. Clear apps which you no longer use, take the backup of any important things. Check your e-mails, respond or delete.

declutter your phones, laptops
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This is the best time to show some love for your garden. Water the plants, remove weeds, trim, etc. You can start building a fish tank and keep everything ready and maybe buying fishes and put them once the quarantine is over.


14)Learning music:

If you have any musical instruments at home, try learning them. If your siblings play the same, learn from them.

These are a few things which you can do while sitting at home. If you have any more suggestions please mention them in the comment section below. I would love to read them.

Until next time. Please take care of yourself. Stay safe. Obey all rules implemented by the government. Remember it is for our safety.

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  1. Ananka

    These are good things. I think a lot of people are going mad being in but I don’t mind it! We need to stay at home so others should accept that!

    I hope things are okay where you are?

    1. Joselle

      Yeah, a lot of people are panicking about food.

      Things are so far so good in Goa. I hope you are doing well too.

  2. Pawan

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing good ways to keep busy during the covid-19 lock down phase…

    1. Joselle

      Thank you so much, Pawan for your kind feedback 🙂

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